What questions to ask when buying a secondhand car

what questions to ask when buying a secondhand car

15 Questions to ask before buying a used car

Jun 18, †Ј Ask both about basic maintenance Ч oil changes, tire rotations and the like Ч and also about bigger, costlier services that car owners are more likely to neglect. Additionally, do a little research about major service intervals for the car youТre shopping, and Author: Doug Demuro. Jan 19, †Ј There are too many variables to cover all of the possible answers but here are a few that are going to work to your advantage: УI just bought a new car.Ф. This is good because the seller is inspired to sell quickly. УIt was my momТs (or dadТs).Ф.

First things first: Where did the car come from? How many people have owned it? Has it been in any accidents or sustained other significant damage from flooding or anything else? How many miles ssecondhand on it? You can answer all these questions and more with a simple vehicle history report such as the kind popularized by Carfaxwhich the seller should offer you anyway.

A Carfax report will only tell you what is the size allowed for carry on baggage maintenance and service that was reported, which means it might not include regular service such as oil changes that went unreported.

The seller should keep maintenance history records that can independently verify whether the car has been maintained to meet manufacturer recommendations. The title also shows that the vehicle identification number matches. That information should be on your Carfax, but the title is the official document. Never buy a used car without leaving with the title in hand.

A third-party inspection is always worth the money whether you buy from a private seller or a dealer, even if that dealer promises that the car underwent a point inspection, or whatever the claim. Ask if they mind you getting it inspected. Cigarette smoke is sticky and resinous, clinging to the upholstery, vinyl, rubber, and even the glass. Buyimg has a yellowing effect on the surfaces it contaminates, it leaves poisonous chemicals behind, and leaves burn marks and ash stains. Unlike cqr, pets are adorable and loveable.

Hair, dander, claws, and bodily functions have much of the same effects on a car as smoking Ч interior damage, bad smells, and a general sense of grossness that manages to linger even after car washes.

Recalls how to install windows defender manually involve anything from faulty airbags to explosion-prone gas tanks. When you buy from a dealer, they must provide you with information about the warranty, and any agreements you make override provisions that applied to the previous owner, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

Warranties that do exist can be full or limited. Ask for the related documentation. Some sellers repaint their cars for reasons that are perfectly innocuous, such as to increase the resale value or simply because they like the looks of it. Others, however, use a new paint job to hide accident damage or metal-gobbling rust.

Ask if the car has been repainted, and then have a mechanic check for new paint during the inspection. If you buy from a dealer, however, ask about a grace period or return policy. Many dealers allow a window of time for you to decide that you really like it or to make sure nothing is wrong that was missed by a mechanical buyung.

If you're dealing with a private seller, you'll want to know why they're getting rid of it. Possibilities include looking to get a newer vehicle, wanting to pare down, not being able to afford its monthly payments, and so on. But bear in mind, you might not get an entirely truthful answer.

Consider a spare tire and a jack to be standard safety equipment. While jacks are fairly standard, spares are not universal.

Cheapism may earn a commission if secondhznd buy through a link tl our site. Sign up for our newsletter. Andrew Lisa December 31, Selling Your Car?

Know This Andrew Lisa. Behind every budget is a bucket list.

What To Do Before You Go To the Dealer

Oct 08, †Ј Before you sign the contract to buy a used car, find out if the dealer offers an extended warranty. УIf there is, how much does it cost and what does it cover? Sometimes the warranties are only going to cover what we call engine and power train, Author: Gabrielle Olya. Dec 31, †Ј Used cars are cheaper than new cars Ч but buying one comes with a whole bunch of questions that you donТt need to ask when you drive off the lot with a brand new car. Before you buy a used car from a dealer or a private seller, ask these questions to make sure that you donТt ride off with buyerТs remorse (and beware of these 12 Signs.

You find an ad for a used car that looks great and begin daydreaming about taking it for a spin. But first, remember: Every used car has a history.

One might have been parked on the street while another was garaged. One might have been serviced regularly while another was neglected. It's up to you to find any possible problem areas before you buy. When buying a used car from a dealer, you won't have the benefit of much information. The dealer either took the car as a trade-in or bought it at an auction. In these cases, running a vehicle history report and having a mechanic inspect it is probably the best you can do.

Buying a used car from a private seller is another story, because he or she has owned and driven the vehicle. You'll still want to review the vehicle history report if you're serious about buying it. How was the car maintained? Find out if it was serviced at a dealership, by an independent mechanic or a "shade tree" mechanic Ч one not affiliated with a garage Ч says Josh Sadlier, senior manager of content strategy at Edmunds.

Also ask if the maintenance is up-to-date. Some sellers will even suggest you speak to the mechanic who worked on the car. Are service records available? Has it been in any accidents? If the car was in an accident, find out how it was damaged and how it was fixed. What features don't work the way they're supposed to?

Older used cars nearly always have something wrong with them. It might not be a deal breaker Ч for example, if it's a malfunctioning CD player. But other defects can come as annoying surprises, such as weak air conditioning, blown speakers or missing pixels in displays. This is a fun question and sometimes throws the seller off balance. What is the ownership history? Why are you selling the car?

But he recommends relying on your "spidey senses" when deciding whether to trust the answer Ч and the seller. How did you arrive at this price? Many people simply pick a figure out of the air. If the seller says he or she used a pricing guide, you can double check to see if the price is accurate. Can I take the car to a mechanic for an inspection? Do you have the title in hand? A longtime owner might not know where the title is hiding. There are ways to work around both these problems, but knowing the status of the title early on will help you decide if the car is worth the extra time and hassle.

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