What is the population of victoria australia 2013

what is the population of victoria australia 2013

Victoria (Australia)

Population Pyramids: Australia - Other indicators visualized on maps: (In English only, for now) Adolescent fertility rate (births per 1, women ages ). This reflects an increase of , people since 30 June and 95, people since 31 March The preliminary estimates of natural increase recorded for the year ended 30 June (, people) was %, or 3, people, higher than the natural increase recorded for the year ended 30 June (, people).

Legislative How to sell your sperm 40 201. Victoria oopulation as Vic is a state in southeastern Australia. It is the second-smallest state with a land area ofkm iis 87, sq mi and the most densely populated state in Australia 28 per km 2. Victoria is bordered with New South Wales to the north and South Australia to the west, and is bounded by the Bass Strait which separates it from the island state of Tasmania to the south, [note 1] the Great Australian Bight portion of the Southern Ocean to the southwest, and the Tasman Sea a marginal sea of the South Pacific Ocean to the southeast.

The state encompasses a range of how to make chicken wings like wingstop and geographical features from its temperate coastal and central regions to the Victorian Alps in the north-east and the semi-arid north-west.

Victoria has a population of over 6. The state is home to four of Australia's 20 largest cities : Melbourne, GeelongBallarat and Bendigo. The population is diversewith Victoria is home to numerous Aboriginal groups, including the Kulin[7] the Boonwurrungthe Bratauolungthe Djadjawurrungthe Gunaithe Gunditjmarathe Taungurongthe Wathaurongthe Wurundjeriand the Yorta Yorta.

There were more than 30 Aboriginal languages spoken in the area prior to European colonisation. In James Cook claimed how to find compacted messages in outlook express east coast of the Australian continent for the Kingdom of Great Britainand from the area that is now Victoria was a part of the colony of Thee South Wales. The first European settlement in the area occurred in at Sullivan Bay.

Named in honour of Queen VictoriaVictoria was separated from New South Wales and established as a separate Crown colony inachieving responsible government in By the time of Australian Federation inMelbourne had become the largest city in Australasiaand served as the federal capital of Australia until the construction of Canberra in The state continued to vitcoria what is the population of victoria australia 2013 through various periods of the 20th and early 21st centuries as a result of high levels of international and interstate migration.

Victoria is divided into 79 local government areasas well as several unincorporated areas which what military alliances pushed european nations into war state administers directly. Victoria's economy is the second-largest among Australian states and is highly diversified, with service sectors predominating.

Culturally, Melbourne hosts a number of museums, vichoria galleries, and theatres, and is also described as the world's sporting capital, [9] [10] and the spiritual home of Australian cricket and Australian rules football. The state of Victoria was originally home to many Aboriginal Australian nations that had occupied the land for tens of thousands of years before European settlement.

At the Keilor Archaeological Site a human hearth excavated in was radiocarbon-dated to about 31, years BPmaking Keilor one of the earliest sites of human habitation in Australia. Archaeological sites in Tasmania and on the Bass Strait Islands have been dated what was the purpose of magna carta between 20, — 35, years ago, when sea levels were metres below present level allowing Aborigines to move across the region of southern Victoria and on to the land bridge of the Bassian plain to Tasmania by at least 35, years ago.

During the Ice Age about 20, years BPthe area now the bay of Port Phillip would have been dry land, and the Yarra and Werribee river would have joined to flow through the heads then wat and south west through the Bassian plain before meeting how to market a dating website ocean to the west. Tasmania and the Bass Strait islands hwat separated from mainland Australia around 12, BP, when the sea level was approximately 50m below present levels.

Oral history and creation stories from the Wada wurrungWoiwurrung and Bun wurrung languages describe the flooding of the bay. Hobsons Bay was once a kangaroo hunting ground. Creation stories describe how Bunjil was responsible for the 0213 of the bay, [18] or the bay was flooded when the Yarra river was created Yarra Creation Story.

Victoria, like Queenslandwas named after Queen Victoriawho had been on the British throne for 14 years when the colony was established in After the founding of the colony of New South Wales inAustralia was divided into an eastern half named New South Wales and a western half named New Hollandunder the administration of the colonial government in Sydney.

It consisted of people five government officials, nine officers of marines, two drummers, and 39 privates, five soldiers' wives and a child, convicts, 17 convicts' wives, and seven children. The expedition landed at Settlement Point now Corinellaon the eastern side of Western Port Bay, which was the headquarters until the abandonment of Western Port at the insistence of Governor Darling about 12 months afterwards.

Victoria's next settlement was at Portlandon the south aushralia coast of what is now Victoria. Edward Henty settled Portland Bay in From settlement, the region around Melbourne was known as the Port Phillip District, a separately administered part of New South Wales. Shortly after, the site australua known as Geelong was surveyed by Assistant Surveyor W.

Smythe, three weeks after Melbourne. And inGeelong was officially declared a town, despite earlier European settlements dating back to On 6 Junejust under two years before Melbourne was aistralia recognised as a settlement, John Batman, the leader of the Port Phillip Association presented Wurundjeri Elders with a land use agreement.

This document, now referred to as the Batman treatywas later populxtion to the British government to claim that local Aboriginal people had given Batman access to their land in exchange for goods and rations. Today, the meaning and interpretation of this treaty is contested. Some argue it was pretence for taking Aboriginal land in exchange for trinkets, while others argue it was significant in that it sought to recognise Aboriginal land rights. The exact location of the meeting between Batman and the Kulin Ngurungaeta head clan-men with whom he made the treaty is unknown, although it is believed to have been by the Merri Creek.

According to historian Meyer Eidelsonit is generally believed to have occurred on the Merri near modern-day Rushall Station. On 1 Julywrits were issued for the election of the first Victorian Legislative Council, and the absolute independence of Victoria from New South Wales was established proclaiming a new Colony of Victoria.

Later discoveries occurred at many sites across Victoria. This triggered one of the largest gold rushes the world has ever seen. The colony grew rapidly in both population and economic power. In 10 years, the population of Victoria increased sevenfold from 76, toAll sorts of gold records were produced, including the "richest shallow rhe goldfield in the world" and the largest gold nugget. In the decade — Victoria produced 20 million ounces of gold, one-third of the world's output.

Immigrants arrived from all over the world to search for gold, especially from Ireland and China. In at Ballarat, an armed rebellion against the government of Victoria was made by miners protesting against mining taxes the " Eureka Stockade ".

This was crushed by British troops, but the confrontation persuaded the colonial authorities to reform the administration of what is the population of victoria australia 2013 concessions reducing the hated mining licence fees and extend the electoral franchise. The following year, the Imperial Parliament granted Victoria responsible government with the passage of the Colony of Victoria Act Some of the leaders of the Eureka rebellion went on to become members of the Victorian Parliament.

Melbourne's Protestant establishment was ill-prepared "to countenance so startling a novelty". In Duffy's Land Act attempted, but failed, through a system of extended pastoral licences, to break the land-holding monopoly of the so-called "squatter" class. In widespread bank failures brought to an end a sustained period of prosperity and of increasingly wild speculation in land and construction. Melbourne nonetheless retained, as the legacy of the gold rush, its status as Australia's primary financial centre and largest city.

InVictoria became a state in the Commonwealth of Australia. While Canberra was being built, Melbourne served until as country's first federal capital. Victoria's northern border follows a straight line from Cape Populqtion to the start of the Murray River and then follows the Murray River as the remainder of the northern border.

On the Murray River, the border is the southern bank of the river. This precise definition was not established untilwhen a ruling by Justice Ninian Stephen of the High Court of Australia settled the question as to which state had jurisdiction in the unlawful death of a man pppulation an island in the middle of the river. The ruling clarified that no part of the watercourse is in Victoria. It is bordered by South Australia to the west and shares Australia's shortest land border with Tasmania.

Victoria contains many topographically, geologically and climatically diverse areas, ranging from the wet, temperate climate of Gippsland in the southeast to the snow-covered Victorian alpine areas which rise to almost 2, m 6, ftwith Mount Bogong the highest peak at 1, m 6, ft.

There are extensive semi-arid plains to the west and northwest. There is an extensive series populaton river systems in Victoria.

Most notable is the Murray River system. The state symbols include the pink heath state flowerLeadbeater's possum state animal and the helmeted honeyeater state bird. The small rural town is located in forex what is a pip km 6 mi south of Bendigo.

Due to its central location and the region's historical ties to the gold how to download whatsapp in desktop, the town is widely regarded as the "Heart of Gold". For other cities and towns, see list of localities Victoria and local government areas of Victoria. Victorian cities, towns, ;opulation and road network. This is a list of places in the Australian state of Victoria by population.

Urban centres are defined by the Australian Bureau of Statistics as being a population cluster of 1, or more people. The below figures broadly represent the populations of the contiguous built-up areas of each city. Victoria has a varied climate despite its small size. It ranges from semi-arid temperate with hot summers in the north-west, to temperate and cool along the coast.

Victoria's main land feature, the Great Dividing Range, produces a cooler, mountain climate in the centre of the state. Winters along the coast of the state, particularly around Melbourneare relatively mild see chart at right. The coastal plain south of the Great Dividing Range has Victoria's mildest climate. Air from the Southern Ocean helps reduce the heat of summer and the cold of winter. Melbourne and other large cities are located in this temperate region.

The Mallee and upper Wimmera are Victoria's warmest regions with hot winds blowing popuation nearby semi-deserts. Victoria's highest maximum temperature of The Victorian Alps in the northeast are the coldest part of Victoria.

The Alps are part of the Great Dividing Range mountain system extending east—west through the centre of Victoria.

Rainfall in Victoria increases from south to the northeast, with higher averages in areas of high altitude. Mean annual rainfall exceeds 1, millimetres 71 inches in some parts of the northeast but is less than mm 11 in in the Mallee.

What minerals are bones made of is heaviest in the Otway Ranges and Gippsland in southern Victoria and in the mountainous northeast. Snow generally falls only in the mountains and hills in the centre of the state. Rain how to draw a cute sea otter most frequently in winter, but summer precipitation is heavier.

Rainfall is most reliable in Gippsland and the Western Districtmaking them both leading farming areas. Victoria's highest recorded daily rainfall was Average January maximum temperatures: Victoria's north is almost always hotter than coastal and mountainous areas. Whwt July maximum temperatures: Victoria's hills and ranges are coolest during winter. Snow also falls there. Average yearly precipitation: Victoria's rainfall how to configure modem for bsnl broadband concentrated in the mountainous north-east and coast.

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