What is the meaning of the prefix micro

what is the meaning of the prefix micro

micro-. a combining form with the meanings small (microcosm; microgamete), very small in comparison with others of its kind (microcassette; microlith), too small to be seen by the unaided eye (microfossil; microorganism), dealing with extremely minute organisms, organic structures, or quantities of a substance (microdissection; microscope), localized, restricted in scope or area (microburst; . micro-. word-forming element meaning "small in size or extent, microscopic; magnifying;" in science indicating a unit one millionth of the unit it is prefixed to; from Latinized form of mikros, Attic form of Greek smikros "small, little, petty, trivial, slight," perhaps from PIE *smika, from root *smik- "small" (source also of Old High German smahi "littleness"), but Beekes thinks it a Pre-Greek word.

Asked by Wiki User. It refers to an object as being smaller than an object or scale of focus, in contrast with macro. Some examples of the prefix meabing are - microwave, microscope, microphone, microchip and micro-organism. Example : A microgram is one-millionth of a gram. Mini- micro. The prefix you are probably referring iw is micro. Micro is a prefix of Greek origin, meaning extremely small. The metric prefix meaning one million is mega- as in megabyte.

The metric prefix meaning one-millionth is micro- as jicro micrometer. The prefix is micro. Micro is a prefix. The prefix to the word microscope is micro. Simply because if you take micro out of the word you'll get the base word. To conclude, micro prwfix the prefix and scope is the base word. The prefix rhe means "a millionths of". Micro- is prefix, Organism is the root word and this word has no suffix. The prefix micro- as in micrometre, or microsecond, refers toor one millionth, of the whole.

Micro is an English prefix of Greek origin that refers to an object as being smaller than an object or scale of focus, in contrast with macro. Scroll down to related links and look for "All Prefixes" and for the prefix "micro". The prefix indicating a millionth is micro.

Some examples include: Microeconomics: focuses on the economic choices of individual actors people, firms. Macroeconomics: focuses on aggregate economics countries, industries, etc. Ask Question. Waht and Mass. Prefixes Suffixes and Root Words. See Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered Word Root Prefix micro- is from the Greek mikro small It refers to an object as being smaller than an object or scale of focus, in contrast with macro.

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micro-. 1. Prefixes denoting smallness. 2. ? It is recommended that, in handwritten material and in computer work, names of units formed with this prefix be written in full, because both human beings and computers may misread the Greek letter ? as the Roman letter m. View The meaning of the prefix onlinenicedating.com from SCIENCE at Austin High School. The meaning of the prefix micro. Micro is commonly seed as denoting a factor of one millionth in size of the metric size. It roots from the Greek word meaning small. Used as a prefix in the English language, here are some great examples of micro prefix words in the following list. The term multi has Greek and Latin roots. The following video covers this and a several other word cells as commonly found throughout the English language.

This sense of vulnerability is, of course, even more acute in micro -states like Jamaica. But as in the U. There is certainly a lucrative yet dignified sweet spot between small time micro -brewer and soulless mass-producer. Even in the smallest of Indian locales, the divisions of geography and nationalism are played out on a micro scale.

MacGregor convinced many to invest in, and hundreds to even move to, his fictional micro -nation. It is probably caused by two micro -organisms living in symbiosisone a fusiform bacillus, the other a long spirillum Fig.

Upon ulcerated surfaces it is often mingled with other spiral micro -organisms, which adds to the difficulty of its detection. He watched as Arnold conferred with a group of his techs about a micro -chron, and the time was carefully noted for Central Record.

Albert selected all the incriminating letters and documents he could find and packed the micro -files in his jacket. Pathological micro -organisms have very complicated products which are in large part poisonous. Save This Word! Did you ever collect all those state quarters? Put them to good use on this quiz about curious state monikers and the facts around them.

What is it? The Sunflower State. Origin of micro Independent use of micro- , or shortening of words with this initial element. Also especially before a vowel , micr-. Words related to micro clone , brain , calculator , mini , laptop , minicomputer , mac , mainframe , abacus , microcomputer , analog , adding machine , artificial intelligence , data processor , number cruncher , personal computer , digital , electronic brain. Example sentences from the Web for micro This sense of vulnerability is, of course, even more acute in micro -states like Jamaica.

Beer Countries vs. So You Want to Rule a Kingdom? We're Friends, Now Henry Hasse. Insidekick Jesse Franklin Bone. Word Origin for micro- from Greek mikros small. Small: microblast. Abnormally small: microcephaly. Requiring or involving microscopy: microsurgery. One-millionth 10 -6 : microliter.

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