What is the meaning of payor

what is the meaning of payor

payor definition: 1. a person who pays something: 2. a person who pays something. Learn more. Legal definition of payor: a person who pays; specifically: the person by whom a note or bill has been or should be paid.

The one who ppayor make payment on a promissory note. Hill and Kathleen T. All Right reserved. Mentioned in? References in periodicals archive? Settlements continue in alleged auto parts conspiracy. Payor Logic solutions are used across the healthcare industry by EMS, emergency physicians, DME providers, hospitals, and laboratories.

Combined technology enhances Payor Logic's ability to cut self-pay loss for EMS providers and other emergency services through three proactive, cost-efficient strategies--verifying patient demographics, identifying billable insurance coverage and checking patient propensity to pay. New law will change alimony landscape in NH Set to take effect on Jan. Essentially, the current and prior rules allow divorced couples to shift taxable income from the payor to the payee.

Peters, most recently vice president of market access and reimbursement at Biogen Inc. Peters appointed sales EVP how to make beef jerky with a food dehydrator Diplomat.

Urick has served as senior vice president of industry relations, pharmaceutical account management and payor strategy at Diplomat since being promoted to the position in February. The ReviveHealth Payor Wgat Index measured trust based on parameters such as physicians' perspectives on a health plan's efforts to honor its commitments, to honestly and accurately represent itself and its intentions, and to not routinely take advantage of physicians.

Survey uncovers insurers least trusted by doctors. Electronic health records--New adoption incentives for Nurse Practitioner - led practices. The assets owned by the trust are normally titled so that the earnings are initially reported by the payor i. Alternatives to form for grantor trusts.

The default position should be that permanent alimony ceases when the payor reaches age 65 without the need to meaming back to court presuming permanent alimony does not get eliminated altogether in the future. When is a "final construction lien release" really final?

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payor (payer) n. The one who must make payment on a promissory note. Copyright © by Gerald N. Hill and Kathleen T. Hill. All Right reserved. Definition, Synonyms, Translations of payor by The Free Dictionary. Payor, often spelled payer, is defined as the person paying. An example of a payor is the person who takes care of all the household bills. noun.

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The sentence contains offensive content. Cancel Submit. Your feedback will be reviewed. Payments are tax free to the recipient and are not tax deductible by the payor. Compare payee. Paying money. Want to learn more? Examples of payor. From the Cambridge English Corpus. The term was originally intended to convey real pricing information to third-party payors, including government prescription drug programs.

From Wikipedia. Payment must be received from the payor bank before the item may be credited to the depositor's account. The check writer is also known as the payor , signer, maker, the drawer, or the account holder. The offenses also differ in whether the payor may be prosecuted in addition to the public official. Newly available data were added to estimate the potential savings for providers and to update the estimated savings for payors and employers.

This decision depends on factors such as the payors history and the amount of money owed. Such software frequently allows users to capture patient demographics, schedule appointments, maintain lists of insurance payors, perform billing tasks, and generate reports. Hospitals, doctors, and other medical providers have traditionally disclosed their fee schedules only to insurance companies and other institutional payors, and not to individual patients.

Insurance companies, as payors, negotiate health care pricing with providers on behalf of the insured. Payors may not be prosecuted under the under color of official right prong, but have no duress defense under other statutes. Cheques create float cash in the payor's account which the payor still has access to while the transition has yet to be finalized. Once a patient is enrolled in hospice, the hospice becomes the insurance payor for that patient for any hospice-related illnesses.

The settlement reduced charges historically and prospectively, bringing prices to the levels that other payors paid or will pay for the same treatment. As an incentive for prompt payment, where a payor misses or is late making a payment twice in a calendar year, the program charges a default fee. These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.

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