What is self- esteem and self- image

what is self- esteem and self- image

Self Esteem and Self Image -- What's the Difference and Why Does It Matter?

Do not confuse your image with your Self — your self-image is what other people think of you, and your Self (esteem) is what you think of you.” Apparently, according to Chopra, when we focus our confidence or esteem on external or changing circumstances, experiences or people, each are impermanent and inevitably change. May 24,  · Self Esteem is how you feel about and value yourself. Image is about how you see yourself and how you believe others see you. They are closely connected because if you see yourself in a certain way, your self esteem will reflect that. Self image is one factor in your self esteem.

Like many other women I was raised to be nice, polite and want people to like me. By the time I was old enough to realize that those "other people" didn't always eeteem my best interests whst heart, it was too late. That habit of seeing self self worth reflected by other people was deeply entrenched esyeem how I thought and often how I behaved.

That's selv- when I came across a discussion by Deepak Chropra explaining the difference between self-esteem and self-image, I discovered there was a difference. More importantly, knowing that difference matters quite a bit. For anyone who has never heard of Deepak Chopra, he ewteem the author of 65 books, a doctor of internal medicine and imabe, and a worldwide speaker on a diverse range of topics dealing with health, philosophy, science, spirituality and all things connecting mind, body and spirit.

I have long appreciated his work and writing and happened across a short video where he was talking about his relationship with his wife of 40 years. Chopra said of his wife Rita, "She is one of the most amazing people in that she has the highest what is song of solomon about. She has such self-esteem that she is never insecure and I have learned that from her.

For Deepak Chopra to have learned about self-esteem from his wife is saying something. While I have often admired his work, I've always considered him extremely detached and self-confident. If he learned that awareness from his wife, then she had something I wanted to know sself- about. So what is the difference? Chopra says, "There is a difference between self-esteem and self-image. The reason people have all this plastic surgery is because they have actually forgotten themselves and are identifying themselves with their self-image.

The real Self within you is beneath no one. It's immune to criticism and it's fearless. Do not confuse your image with your Self -- your self-image is what other people think of you, and your Self esteem is what you think of you. Those external changes lead to a shifting or diminishing confidence and sense of self.

Instead, imagee we focus on the internal, timeless and the greater reality of our true being, then that Self is beneath no one, is fearless, and is immune to caring what others think of us. Of course, Deepak Chopra isn't the only one who thinks this about self-esteem.

Author how to stitch salwar kameez pdf speaker Eckhart Tolle says, "True self-esteem goes much deeper.

It's finding the source of power and aliveness deep inside. Realizing that within the depth of your being, there is that continuous source of intense aliveness and power, which is the stillness out of which everything comes. Wayne Dyer says, "My self-esteem comes from myself. As a child of God, my worthiness is a given. So anytime I am overly concerned about what other people think, whether they like me or not, how they see me, and how they are acting or reacting ad me -- I am stuck in self-image.

Unfortunately, focusing whst self-image as I'm describing it presents six big problems:. Self-image is a focus on the superficial and impermanent. Money, status and possessions are all material and shallow ways to judge and relate to the human experience. Do I, or you, really want to surround ourselves with other people waht believe that those surface level and transient elements are vitally important to living a quality life?

Obsession with self-image leads to a life of constant comparison. As I've written about before, there will always be someone richer, thinner, more intelligent, more spiritual, more, etc.

If all we care about is our self-image then we are extremely susceptible to being manipulated by others and the media. A focus on the external world of self-image is a xelf- guarantee that we will experience dissatisfaction with who we are and what we have over esteeem over again.

So does knowing that a focus on self-image creates such a wide set of problems help me to chuck it all and not care what anyone ever thinks of me ever again? If only it were that easy! Besides, as social creatures most of us realize that compromise is sometimes necessary in order to live in harmony and peace with other beings.

That's why the idea miage self-esteem carries so much power for me. Self-esteem isn't asserting my right to do whatever I want whenever I want it -- it is instead reminding me that I am okay actually far more than merely okay no matter what experience may be occurring in my life at any time!

In other words, when I live my life with a high degree of self-esteem, then I am deeply connected to my deepest internal Being. I don't need approval from you or anyone else for anything, because I've already received the ultimate confirmation from myself. When that awareness becomes unquestionably real to me, then it won't matter whether anyone likes me or judges me for my actions.

Even if what you believe in your heart of hearts is radically different from mine -- that difference won't ultimately affect me in any way. So how do I, or any of us, get to the point where we completely, percent accept and know that deep and Eelf- part of ourselves? Sellf- Chropra esteej the way to do it is to mediate on it every single day. That makes sense to me because I know that as I continue to meditate daily, my true nature becomes more and more real and alive to me.

I also know that the more time, energy and whta I spend estrem the core of my Being and it's relationship to the spiritual and material world, my life becomes more happy, peaceful and content. I now know that whenever I am overly concerned about what others think of me or am wondering whether or not others "like" me or approve of me, How to cut toenails properly am identifying with my self-image and looking to the material world outside myself.

Instead, by remembering that my self-esteem is one with the changeless nature of my Self, and by connecting to my core Being, I know that I am beneath no one, I am inage, and I am immune to criticism. Thank you Rita Chopra! This post originally appeared on her blog with a number of related comments. US Edition U. Coronavirus News U. Politics Joe Biden Congress Extremism. Special Projects Highline. HuffPost Whag Video Horoscopes.

Terms Privacy Policy. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Srlf- focusing on self-image as I'm describing it presents six big problems: Trying to control or predict with any certainty what others think about me is completely impossible. Self-image is related to needs that are based on fear. Whenever we seek outward approval, attempt to control, or strive toward external power we are acting in fear.

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What can you do to Improve your Self Image?

Oct 15,  · Deepak Chopra clarifies the difference between Self-Image and Self-Esteem: “Do not confuse your image with your Self — your self-image is what other people think of you, and your Self (esteem) is what you think of you.” He has also stated that self-image is how we want others to see us. The self-concept is also made up of a combination of self-esteem and self-image. Self-esteem refers to a person’s feelings of self-worth or the value that they place on themselves. There are a number of characteristics of high and low self-esteem. Characteristics of high self-esteem. Self-esteem is how you feel about yourself. Image is about how you see yourself and how you believe others see you. They are closely connected because if you have a poor self-image or opinion of yourself - your self-esteem will be low. Image is to do with perception.

Self image and self esteem are very closely connected. Self image is important as it affects your self esteem and confidence. In this article we will look at the relationship between self image and self esteem and discuss how you can develop a more positive self image to help yourself move forward with more confidence.

You may be confused between the terms self image and self esteem. I have much experience writing about the topic of self esteem, including one published book Self Esteem Secrets , and many articles. On this page I will clear up any confusion you may have in your understanding of self image and self esteem.

The picture you have of how you look and how you behave. It includes how you believe others see you. Self esteem is how you value yourself and is more about the kind of person you think you are.

It should be obvious that both self image and self esteem are based on your judgment and opinion and are not reality. Others may see you very differently compared to how you believe you look and act.

If you are interested in checking out the best course to improve your self image and self esteem you can find it by clicking here: Get the Beat Your Inner Bully Course.

Self Esteem is how you feel about and value yourself. Image is about how you see yourself and how you believe others see you. They are closely connected because if you see yourself in a certain way, your self esteem will reflect that.

Self image is one factor in your self esteem. A poor self image will result in low self esteem. A positive self image helps a person to feel better about themselves source: Kenealey et al. Next we are going to look at relationships and how your self image plays an important role in the connections you have with others. This hypnosis download will teach you how to feel good about your self image. Get this Confidence Master Plan Free!

How this Confidence master Plan is going to help you:. According to this article by Gilbert Wrenn it is really important to build a positive self image because it affects many aspects of our lives and how we live it. Your perception is not reality, but it is your own inner idea of reality. Your mind filters everything and colours it according to your values and thinking. You might see yourself as forgiving, but others may see you in quite a different way.

You might believe that hat you are wearing looks silly on you, but others may think it suits you or makes you look smart. How you see yourself is vital because this will affect your behaviour, your thinking and how you relate to others. People respond to you either positively or negatively according to how confident you are. Your confidence in relationships depends on the image you have of yourself.

If you believe you look tired, you may begin to feel and act that way. If you believe you look great, you will be more positive and feel like you can conquer the world! Your view of yourself is shaped by your unique thoughts and beliefs and you may have a distorted view. Self esteem can cause you to see yourself in a positive or negative way.

If you have a negative view of yourself you may be highly critical of yourself. You may also listen to and accept the negative comments of others more easily. This can easily become negative self talk. Let me help you to stop this negative self talk that can destroy your self image. Replace it with more supportive thinking and words — when you do this you will be surprised at the opportunities that can open up for you! I send out a weekly message packed with ideas and tips to build your self esteem.

Sign up today and get the first chapter of my book FREE! Like the questions asked, short and simple, yet they really make you think! One of he most effective methods for overcoming problems such as low self esteem , anxiety or depression is usually a combination of therapy and medication.

According to this article in World Psychiatry , a treatment for these problems including both therapy and medication is more effective than medication alone. Also, the American Psychological Association states that of the two treatments, psychotherapy is more effective than medication. It also confirms, though, that both treatments combined can work for many people. Everybody needs help sometimes, whether you are just in need of direction or help with an emotional problem.

Maybe counseling might help? So there we have it. I hope this page has helped you and you can now move forward on your journey of self discovery. I hope you will begin to understand that you are a unique individual, with unique talents and strengths.

To see yourself in a positive light and to value and respect yourself as a person is the most important step towards self improvement. Please share this page on social media and with others if you have found it helpful.

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