What is canadian club made from

what is canadian club made from

Canadian Club (Walkerville)

Rye, rye malt and barley malt are the grains that give Canadian Club® its unique flavour. Each Canadian Club® variant has its own unique recipe which highlights different grain and flavour profiles. This gives Canadian Club® drinkers a full portfolio of flavours and expressions to choose from. Canadian Club ® % Rye This is a whisky made for those who love rye. It was created in the heart of Alberta’s unforgiving rye country, by a team who have spent the last 60 years mastering the art of distilling with rye. This whisky is truly unique and deliciously distinct, with caramel and oak notes up front, followed by a spicy finish.

This is the whisky that started it all. Originally created init was a global phenomenon before the turn of the century even began. And still sticks to a very similar process to the original recipe. Enjoy the whisky that launched a legend in the simple cocktail, neat, or on the rocks, or with froom favorite mixer. Think of Reserve 9 year old cabadian the more mature, older sibling of Canadian Club with a greater Rye influence.

This whiskey is aged for a full 9 years, bringing out the oak notes of the barrels and a spicier, more robust taste profile. Perfect for sipping neat or enjoying in a classic cocktail.

This creates a flavorful, well-balanced whisky perfect for sipping neat or on the rocks. This is a whisky made for those who love rye. This whisky is truly unique and deliciously distinct, with caramel and oak notes up front, followed by a spicy finish. Combine all ingredients in an ice-filled shaker. Shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

Garnish with frm. Rim a Collins glass with celery vlub optional. Fill shaker with ice and combine all ingredients. Shake and pour into ice-filled prepared glass and garnish with a celery stalk or pickled bean. Fill glass with ice and combine all how to dominate in sex. Stir until chilled.

Fill rocks glass with fresh ice. Strain and pour over fresh ice and garnish ehat a lemon peel. Squeeze lemon juice iw a rocks glass, add simple syrup and CC TM and stir. Fill with ice, and garnish with a lemon wedge and a cherry. Top with whipped cream, dust of nutmeg and cinnamon stick. Combine ingredients in a rocks glass and stir. Served straight or on the rocks. Garnish with lemon peel. Muddle sugar and bitters in a rocks glass. Stir and top with an orange peel as garnish.

Heat milk on stove on low heat with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and brown sugar. Stir until combined and bring to a quick boil. Top with milk foam and a dash of cinnamon powder. The Canadian Club distillery first opened its doors in ix Today, over years later, the production process for our blended whiskies remains mostly unchanged, with the same dedication to creating consistently delicious and smooth whisky.

Click the steps to learn more. Our process begins with some of mzde finest grains what is the best it degree the world.

We use corn, rye and barley in our blended whiskies. Vlub whisky is aged in either first-fill bourbon barrels which are charred, white American oak barrels or Canadian whisky barrels. These different barrels bring out different flavoring notes in the final whisky, and also gives ccanadian its rich, mellow, oaky flavor. We wait up to 12 years depending on the final product, before blending the specific CC TM expressions. The blends each go through meticulous taste assessments, to ensure consistency and quality os taste.

Rye is vanadian for being very gummy and hard to work with during the fermentation stage. Not many distilleries are willing to tackle it.

But Alberta Distillers has been perfecting the craft of making excellent rye whisky for over 70 years. Alberta is the perfect place for making rye whisky. The dry, arid, desert-like how to pack for moving and clear glacier-born waters of the Rockies help bring out the fuller, more flavorful rye grain. Both rye whisky distillates are aged in three different barrel types to bring out subtle differences in tasting notes—new charred ehat American oak barrels, first-fill bourbon barrels, and Canadian whisky barrels.

Then, the harsh environment and extreme changes in temperature helps with our maturation process. The whisky is compared against a taste profile gold standard to ensure the highest quality and depth of flavor. Explore the timeline below to learn more. Prohibition begins. CC TM becomes one of the most smuggled whiskies in the U. It remains there what is canadian club made from 21 years.

Hiram Walker opens his whisky distillery in Windsor, Canada. Prohibition ends and CC TM sales skyrocket.

CC TM is now sold in over 90 countries. You rrom be of legal purchase age to enter this website. Before we begin we need to ask you:. What do 7 generations of gangsters, smugglers, politicians, admen, and guys like you have in common? Spicy and zesty, complimented with hints of rich oak and sweet vanilla, pleasant sweetness. Delicate spiciness and creamy vanilla, in balance with rich wood and luxurious honey.

Balanced with toasted grains, gentle wood notes and a tantalizing hint of sweet vanilla. Pour ingredients, top with ice and a lime wedge. Top with ginger beer and lime. Top with hard. Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4.

Premium Whisky You must be of legal purchase fromm to enter this website. Xanadian are you?


The most famous and best-selling release of Canadian Club is the , which is produced the same way as it was done when Hiram Walker started in It is fresh and soft, brings up sweet vanilla and spicy aromas, paired with hints of rich oak. Bottledwith 40% ABV(80 proof) it is an easy-to-drink whisky. Canadian Club Whisky Essential Facts. The Ontario-based brand continued to produce whisky during America’s Prohibition, and many of the bottles were smuggled into the United States. Canadian Club, according to the brand, was a favorite of mobster Al Capone. Some say the original recipe for the Manhattan cocktail called for Canadian Club. Canadian Club was founded by whisky mogul Hiram Walker. Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt The nose is of medium-body with notes of barley sugar and aniseed, notes of cut grass and fennel, a hint of straw and a vegetal freshness. The palate is quite sweet and gentle.

Canadian Club is the most successful Canadian whisky brand regarding commercial results. It is sold in over countries worldwide and an award-winning label , offering a wide range of different releases.

Canadian Club is an exceptionally smooth and versatile whisky. For Canadian Club corn , rye , rye malt and barley malt are mashed, fermented and distilled separately and then these different spirits are blended before being filled into barrels. Hiram Walker, father of Canadian Club Whisky , considered this to be the best way to meet the requirements of the different grains and get the best aromas out of them.

It makes up the majority in Canadian Club whisky. Rye whisky and malt are used to bring character and flavor into the blend. Each of the different releases of Canadian Club is blended following its own unique recipe so that each one has its own unique taste.

The most famous and best-selling release of Canadian Club is the , which is produced the same way as it was done when Hiram Walker started in It is fresh and soft, brings up sweet vanilla and spicy aromas, paired with hints of rich oak. Canadian Club Small Batch : This is a complex and fully balanced small batch whisky , aged for 12 years, seasoned, char -treated oak bourbon barrels.

Creamy vanilla, honey, fruits and spicy notes complement each other in a delicate way. This is a whisky with warm and complex aromas. Mashing and fermentation of the different grains is done separately. The continuous stills that produce the spirit for Canadian Club are provided with the beer that leaves the fermenters and still at this point in time the different grains are not mixed. The corn , rye and malt beer is distilled separately.

Only before the spirit is to be filled into the casks it is blended following the old traditional recipes. Canadian Club Whisky is matured in white oak American bourbon barrels. After three years and more of maturation the bottling of the whisky is also done here at the Canadian Club Distillery. Hiram Walker was a very successful grain merchant in Detroit.

He bought land on the other side of the Detroit River. There in Ontario he built a distillery and started production in When Walker began selling his whisky throughout Canada and the US he was the first whisky producer to label his bottles with his special brand.

During the prohibition the Detroit River was a paradise for smugglers. Canadian Club Whisky was the number 1 of the smuggled whiskies. The Canadian Club Heritage Center in Ontario is the heart, the soul, the center and the historic memory of the company. It was completed in and the ground and buildings are a touristic attraction. The Offices of Hiram Walker and his sons are perfectly preserved in their old style, there is an art gallery and all the whiskies the company has released are displayed.

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Register as a new member. Information Forum Database. Database Distilleries. Canadian Club Walkerville. Upload a picture. Number of bottles: 64 Bottles.

Calculated from Peat Smoke:. Dried Fruit:. Show more. Maritime Notes:. Dark Chocolate:. Bonfire Smoke:. Details about the Distillery. The Whisky. A Cupboard of Canadian Club whisky. The Production. The Canadian Club distillery. The Mashing and Fermentation. The Distillation. A show still of Canadian Club. A Canadian Club warehouse.

The History. The old office of Hiram Walker. Visitor Center. Tours are offered; you can have tastings here or even marry in this impressive ambience. The Canadian Club Visitor Centre. Chronological rating history. User Notes about the Distillery Share your experience with other whisky lovers. Register to post. There are no user notes for this distillery yet. Top 10 collected.

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