What if vol 1 34

what if vol 1 34

What If? (1977) #34

Characters: Ben Grimm Johnny Storm Reed Richards Susan Storm Fantastic Four (Bananas) Reality: Earth The Fantastic Four are literally bananas; though patently absurd, it does have a certain appeal. Characters: Odin May Parker Spider-Man (Peter Parker) The Burglar Reality: Earth Odin married May Parker and easily defeated the burglar that came to rob their house. Characters: Tony. Aug 01,  · Browse the Marvel Comics issue What If? () # Learn where to read it, and check out the comic's cover art, variants, writers, & more!

The Marvel Comics anthology series What If? A number of these stories have been set on alternate Earths in the Marvel Comics Multiverse i. Select stories noted above were collected in a trade paperback, The Best of What Ifin The entire series was collected in a series of seven volumes titled What If Classic from towith the exception of issues 13 and 16 and the lead story of 43 because they featured licensed characters, namely Conan the Barbarian and Fu Manchu.

Issue -1, What if The Alterniverse was what Marvel briefly labeled their What If stories from to The series, including the "Wha-Huh? The February one-shot issues took place in a single fictional universedubbed Earth in previews, with four of the six stories more like DC's Elseworlds with various heroes in historical periods.

The series was later collected into a trade paperback entitled What If: Event Horizon featuring the cover from the Spider-Man one-shot. The sixth series of What If? The series was also due to feature What If? This story was halted due to the passing of artist Mike Wieringoand was released as a Page Special as a tribute in June All the issues of this run, aside from the New Fantastic Four one, were later collected into a trade paperback simply entitled What If?

Civil War. The version of the "New" Fantastic Four is also erroneous, as the Ghost Rider of that time period had been Danny Ketch, not Johnny Blaze, who appears in the issue instead for unexplained reasons in reality, Wieringo had drawn the wrong Ghost Rider in his initial pages by mistake and it was not noticed until after his death. This series continues the theme of alternatives for three recent Marvel events along with two around a classic event.

However, this series also features a storyline featuring the Runaways that runs through all five comics. This series was released between December and January The seventh series was later collected into a trade paperback entitled What If? At Fan Expo Canada '09, how to make a blowgun out of pvc was revealed a new five-part What If series would be released, featuring five one-shot issues, each with two alternatives for the focused event, except for Daredevil vs.

Elektrawhich had only one story. As a back-up feature in the other four one-shot issues, there how to speed up your cpu a humorous Say What?

The eighth series was later collected into a trade paperback entitled What If? In early SeptemberMarvel announced a series how to make naples pizza new What If? Those four issues also have a back-up story on Deadpool being controlled by the Venom symbiote. In JulyMarvel released a four-issue miniseries for What If based on the event Avengers vs X-Mentelling the story of what might have happened if Magneto had been more influential in Hope's development for Phoenix.

In AprilMarvel released a five-issue miniseries for the event Age of Ultronfocusing on Wolverine and the Invisible Woman's trip back in time to kill Hank Pym in order to stop him from creating Ultron and showing the effects for the Marvel Universe if one of the other four founding Avengers had died, or if Hank had simply chosen not to create Ultron at all.

In OctoberMarvel released a five-issue miniseries for the event Infinity that depicted alternate outcomes for Thanos' invasion of Earth and the war with the Builders.

Marvel released a new series of What If? The 13th series was later collected into a trade paperback entitled What If? With Great Power featuring the cover from the Punisher one-shot. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. One-shot Comics Sell Out". Comic Book Resources. How to make cream cheese filling for danish Archived from the original on September 15, Dark Reign". September 14, Wolverine: Father".

September 16, Iron Man". September 17, July 13, Returns with New Takes on Infinity ". Magik 1. Categories : Lists of comics by Marvel Comics.

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Publisher: Marvel ComicsType: Ongoing SeriesGenre: SuperheroStatus: FinishedPublication Date: February, —February, The humorous aspect of volume 1 was retained through volume 2, particularly in issue #34, an all-humor issue containing a number of single-page gags and two complete stories. In issue #, What If introduced Spider-Girl (Mayday Parker); the new character was popular enough for a spin-off onlinenicedating.com: Superhero. What If? # All humor issue, featuring wacky alternate realities of the Marvel onlinenicedating.com If the Watcher were a stand-up comedian?What If the Fantastic Four were bananas?What If Odin were Peter Parker's uncle?What If Don Blake and Tony Stark were brothers?What If Aunt May were Ant Man?What If Spider-Man married Spider-Woman?What If Reed.

All humor issue, featuring wacky alternate realities of the Marvel Universe. What If the Watcher were a stand-up comedian? What If the Fantastic Four were bananas?

What If Odin were Peter Parker's uncle? What If Nick Fury had to wear an eyepatch on his right eye instead of his left eye? What If Ghost Rider had possessed someone else? What If everyone who'd ever been an Avenger had remained an Avenger? What If Him married Her?

What If Black Bolt got the hiccups? What If Galactus ate the Earth? What If Ka-Zar were a middle-aged accountant instead of a savage? What If the Hulk were yellow? What If the Invisible Girl dyed her hair? What If Power Man were white? What If the Thing were blue? What If Captain Marvel hadn't died?

What If Phoenix still lived? What If Elektra had survived? What If Dazzler had become a stand-up comedienne instead of a singer? What If Willie Lumpkin were herald to Galactus? What If Ghost Rider own a fast food franchise?

What If the Watchers in all the realities got together and watched Watchers watching Watchers watching Watchers watching Watchers watching Watchers watching Watchers watching Watchers watching Watchers? What If Howard the Duck formed his own super-team?

What If Thor had a Swedish accent? What If Cyclops's energy beams came out of his ears? What If Wonder Man were a woman -- and Power Already have an account with the League of Comic Geeks? Let's get you back to tracking and discussing your comics! Browse View Titles by Publisher or Series. New Comics View the Weekly Releases. Log in Sign up.

Browse Stores Retailer Tools. Pull It. Have It. Read It. Want It. Page Count. Cover Price. Roger Stern. Jim Shooter. Mary Jo Duffy. Writer, Artist. Frank Miller. Tom DeFalco. Bill Sienkiewicz. Dennis O'Neil. Rick Parker. Mike Carlin.

Alan Kupperberg. Brent Anderson. Bob Budiansky. Danny Fingeroth. Bob Layton. Fred Hembeck. Joe Albelo. Eliot R. Writer, Artist, Penciller. Mark Gruenwald. John Romita Jr. Ann Nocenti. Dave Simons. Terry Austin. Frank Springer. Ed Hannigan. Ralph Macchio. Louise Jones Simonson. Al Milgrom. Marie Severin. Harry Candelario. Jim Salicrup. Bob Hall. Dan Crespi.

Ron Wilson. Rob Carosella. Bob Camp. Linda Grant. Lance Tooks. John Morelli. Morrie Kuramoto. Nora Maclin. Barry Shapiro. Penciller, Artist. Ron Zalme. Brett Breeding. Jack Abel. Joe Sinnott. Uatu the Watcher. Spider-Man By Roger Stern. Paired with John Romita Jr. The Ultimate Graphic Novels Collection What If? Classic Vol. Iron Man stuck in time and Dazzler stuck in space! Elektra lives, Yellowjacket dies!

The FF if they never got powers and Nova if he never lost them! Mortals, mutants and monsters - plus early yet brief resurrections of Phoenix and Captain Marvel, along Classic: Complete Collection Vol. Classic stories reimagined in wild and wonderful ways by legendary creators! What if Captain America was elected president?

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