What does eta mean in watches

what does eta mean in watches

What is an ETA movement?

What is an ETA movement? If a movement is the heart of a watch, then ETA movements arguably beat at the very core of the Swiss luxury watch industry. ETA is SwitzerlandТs largest movement maker, and theyТve played a large part in defining the industry as it is today. However, many believe thereТs a stigma around ETA. Mar 04, †Ј In watch terms, ETA means something entirely different. An ETA movement is incorporated by a majority of watch companies. ETA SA is a Swiss manufacturer which makes the movement with a history which can be traced back all the way to

ETA is one of the most prevalent and powerful companies in the modern watch industry. Its story has, as we will learn, defined the watch industry of today. However, despite all its previous and present roles in horology, for many, ETA remains a relatively unknown manufacture, or worse: a three-letter word that scarcely means more than the fact that the movement inside their watch was not made by the company whose name is on the dial.

One of the reasons for this can be found in the marketing practices of the industry. We see retail brands tirelessly looking for yet another way of exploiting their history so as to convince the pondering buyer.

ETA however, unlike retail brands, does not want to sell directly to the public. Consequently, they will never publicly advertise their technical achievements to make you or I buy a movement or two from them.

The other reason why it might be difficult for the masses to learn more about the manufacture is that in-house movements have become a major selling point for most how to lose 5 lbs in two weeks to high-end brands. Therefore, when it comes to a watch without a proprietary movement, the general method is to rename the ETA or any other supplied movement to a different whhat chosen by the brand.

As a result, for those relatively unfamiliar with the world of watch making, ETA might appear as if it was some wztches of an objectionable, undesirable name in the industry, something that should be avoided. But that could not be further from the truth. ETA is an indispensable element and something without which Swiss watch making would never be what it is today. In this article we will discuss the history of ETA through reliving the incredible ups ih downs of not just a manufacture, but an entire industry as well.

Click to expand: Our summary of important dates for an easier understanding of this complex story. Before we what does eta mean in watches into the details, please allow me watchse note that there is no one complete source of information, no one place where all relevant data is easily available. At times, controversial data can be found, primarily because getting exact statistics regarding the earlier years is very difficult.

Having said that, wayches will closely follow the history of the Swiss watch making industry to see how ETA not only managed to fit into it, but also how it made a major difference just when it was most sorely needed.

We begin meaan looking at the watch industry of the early s to see where and how it all began for the company. The beginning of World War I turned the industry inside out as most supplier firms quit making watches or other components and started using their machines and human resources to produce and sell ib. Since demand had been much greater for ammo than for fine watches, this was how to remove old vertical blinds rather obvious decision.

And so they did, causing a sudden oversupply of their products. They all acted independently of one another as there were no powerful groups or authorities to control them. The workshops were desperate to stay alive and to achieve that they had to get rid of their piled up stocks Ч at any price.

In a vicious pricing competition, they sold all redundant parts to Swiss companies and Ч to make things worse Ч to non-Swiss competitor watchmakers as well!

These mainly American companies bought these high quality Swiss movements and used them in their lower priced watches. This way they could provide much more reasonably priced timepieces than their Swiss counterparts while using just about the same movements!

In essence, Swiss workshops were selling components at great losses when the companies who they wanted to buy from them were going under because non-Swiss brands what is apple macbook pro selling comparable watches at much lower prices. These seriously daunting circumstances dpes topped off with heedless crediting by some of the Swiss banks.

In summary, the industry had to face steeply decreasing watcches, strong foreigner competition gaining momentum, and an unremittingly increasing debt. The result? By the mid s the industry owed about million Swiss francs to its lenders. It was obvious voes strong corrective measures were necessary as the companies themselves, separately, never had the power to make a difference and to turn things around.

The first step in an effort to break these unnerving trends was the founding of the Swiss Watch Federation FH, for shortuniting some three quarters of the industry. Michel SA AM. The three basic rules that these companies set for themselves made this a unique co-operation and one of great importance.

First, all three founders maintained the right to run their management whag they deemed best while they agreed on setting the same prices. This removed the threat of competing against each other by cutting prices to dangerous levels. Secondly, they standardized the specifications of some of the movement parts to optimize manufacturing and lower the related costs.

In they were accompanied by Lemania, now enabling warches group to create chronographs. Despite all the clever co-operations between the Swiss companies, they had no chance to avoid the next crisis coming their way. Closely following the internal pricing issues of the s is the financial crisis stemming from The Great Depression, of course, hindered the entire industry causing some 20, watch makers to lose their jobs.

There was an obvious need for another organization, one with the power to overview and regulate Swiss movement making as a whole.

All that money was to serve one clear intention: to create a super holding that would amalgamate and subsequently direct the industry. By it united several manufacturers of movement parts under its subsidiaries of FAR and FBR, responsible for lever assortments and balance wheels, respectively.

Missing from the participants of any of these giants was Eterna Ч and with this we really are getting closer to understanding how ETA SA came to be as we presently know it. Regardless of the name changes and one heir following the other in leading the company, by the crisis ofEterna had already employed more than people and produced about two million parts annually.

He felt great responsibility for the company his father had created, but he also had to see that Eterna was affected by the economical meltdown no less than any other company around it. This meant that Eterna had to be split into two parts: one to join the holding and one to manufacture complete watches. Once he eventually came to an agreement with the super holdings, the company was split into two indeed.

Eterna remained a company assembling watches while it created its new movement maker division that was called ETA SA.

As we can see, ETA could never have come to existence had it not been for the countless ups and downs of the industry and all the crises that needed urgent solutions.

It is just that legally, this movement-maker facility was separated from the mother company of Eterna in and started its new life as ETA SA. Vintage Eterna Automatic watch advertisement. The complex tasks of movement manufacturing had been split up into three large segments within ASUAG. Manufactures like FHF, Fleurier, Unitas and others were responsible for building hand-wound movements, chronographs were created by Valjoux and Venus, while ETA and some others were in the business of building automatic ones Ч something fairly new on the market.

Furthermore, ETA had been busy developing new movements that incorporated ball-bearings in the automatic winding mechanism. Intheir efforts came to fruition as they announced the Eterna-maticthe first automatic wristwatch with this innovation. This new technology proved to be so successful that what to bring to parris island formation of wjat ball bearings have made up the logo of Eterna ever wbat.

Finally, they also tested high-frequency movements wqtches in the mid-seventies even managed to break into what would later mostly remain Zenith-territory: 36, vibrations per hour. Unfortunately, these models were discontinued for some startling reasons, reasons which we are just about to discover. Rounding out the list of crises are not one, but two major downturns actually.

Both stemming from the middle of the s. At the time, in to be exact, the industry was at its best, producing about 84 million watches a year! Clearly, the oil- and what is the best digital compact camera crises could not have come at a worse time or be any more painful of a hit for the Swiss.

In a nutshell, the primary issue was with relative value as, Swiss watches became horrendously expensive as a cumulative result of these two crisesЕ more ї. November 26, Advertising Message.

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The ETA watch movement is a mechanism by which a watch that features it measures and shows the time. It can be either mechanical or quartz, ebauche or a variation of these calibers. ItТs being said that movement is the heart of any watch. May 09, †Ј ETA Unitas (, ) Ц Out of the pocket, on to the wrist. Both the and the were developed originally in the s by the movement manufacturer Unitas, but nowadays area manufactured and sold by ETA. Originally launched as a calibre for pocket watches, the 64are regularly found in wristwatches. What is the meaning of ETA movement in a Rolex watch? If you have a Rolex and the movement inside is an ETA then what you have is a fake, or a replica if you will, but not a Rolex. ETA SA is currently the biggest supplier of Swiss watch movements and they can be found in many high-end watches, .

The ETA in its current version ETA is the epitome of a workhorse offering not only outstanding reliability, but also considerable durability. The most recent iteration of the series has been manufactured in large batches since Needless to say, any hiccups have long since dissipated.

While more often than not high precision is achieved at the expense of robustness, the combines both characteristics due to its relatively simple but highly effective design. Most notably, the is reputed not only for its accuracy but also for remaining relatively constant at any position of the watch under varying conditions. The ETA also has a leg up on other movements not just in part thanks to its widespread usage, but also because spare parts are easy to obtain and relatively inexpensive.

Due to its profound success it has often been copied by other manufacturers, even from those hailing from Switzerland. This movement was first developed in the s and since then, numerous watch manufacturers have come to place their trust in the reliable service of the Valjoux In addition to its large dimensions, it also boasts 30 millimeters in diameter and 7.

Thanks to its robustness, its accuracy, and an excellent value for money countless manufacturers have come to rely upon the This is especially relevant for smaller manufacturers and one of the more important reasons for using the In addition to the and the , the A2 is also among the most common calibres produced by ETA. Aside from its flatter structure, its design also shares similarities with the The is often used for flagship model series of brands in the medium to upper price segment.

Especially by those who either do not have the necessary know-how for the production of manufacture movements or cannot produce a calibre for their own use in sufficient quantities yet. The often serves as a basis for intricate watches since it is thinner in comparison with the ETA The movement stays compact even if additional components such as simpler program cogs or complex switching mechanisms are added.

The ETA in its current version, the , is a hand-wind movement with 17 jewels and the 42 hour power reserve typical of ETA. With a measurement of only 3. Apart from the absence of the rotor and a date display, the is similar to the in its design. The movement can also be found in the Meistersinger Einzeigeruhr No. Frequently used at: Meistersinger Einzeigeruhr No.

The ETA is a calibre based on the ETA and while it not only has a date function, it also features a weekday indicator. The most recent version of the houses a stop second device and can be upgraded to a GMT calibre with a second time zone. Just as not every watch with a features a date display, there are also watches in which the is used, even when their dials do not permit a weekday display e.

The adaptation of the classic timepiece is often found in manufacturers such as Mido and Oris in a considerably accessible price segment. Frequently used at: Mido , Oris.

Both the and the were developed originally in the s by the movement manufacturer Unitas, but nowadays area manufactured and sold by ETA. Originally launched as a calibre for pocket watches, the and are regularly found in wristwatches. In hardly any other Swiss movement can you expect to find such complex mechanics for your money than the ETA Fitted with a chronograph function and a fully functioning calendar, it combines two important characteristics with very high everyday usability.

This makes it the perfect choice for the pragmatists among watch enthusiasts. In addition to the , further adaptations of the classic ETA Valjoux have been launched throughout the years, e.

Frequently used at: Longines , Omega Kaliber The is the ETA chronograph movement based on the A2. Even equipped with these upgrades, the movement is no higher than 6. The is, when directly compared to the ETA Valjoux , the more modern and more complex interpretation of a very reliable chronograph movement. The automatic caliber has 37 jewels and as expected of ETA, a Swiss lever escapement as a regulator. Frequently used at: TAG Heuer.

Manufactured since , the ETA is the most recent version of this unusually thin yet elegant automatic movement. With a height of only 3. The movement has a stop second and date function with quickset. Despite the slim design, it has a power reserve of 40 hours. The manufacture series with the alphanumeric reference A XXX takes into account the increase in demand for large and robust wristwatches, similar to the repurposing of the Unitas calibres that have originally been developed for pocket watches.

Due to the intricately designed main board, the movement is intended to fill the caseback of larger watches completely. It is offered in several different versions. The first A The third A One workhorse of the ETA mechanical line is the ETA , The is an automatic winding, twenty-five jewel movement, available in four executions or grades: Standard, Elaborated improved , Top and Chronometer.

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ETA Ч The robust all-rounder The ETA in its current version ETA is the epitome of a workhorse offering not only outstanding reliability, but also considerable durability. Frequently used at: Mido , Oris ETA Unitas , Ч Out of the pocket, on to the wrist Both the and the were developed originally in the s by the movement manufacturer Unitas, but nowadays area manufactured and sold by ETA.

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