What do i really look like mirror

what do i really look like mirror

A Simple Way to Find Out How Other People See You

A mirror isn’t an accurate depiction of what you really look like. Well for one, your brain makes yourself look more flattering (You Are Less Beautiful Than You Think). Next, both your eyes see the world in a three dimensional aspect, while a photo is two dimensional. Dec 13,  · A regular mirror flips your image, so you're not really seeing what everyone else does. With Truth Mirror, a true mirror, the image you see, is what the rest of the world sees when they look at you! If you use the built in IOS camera app it shows a mirror image while previewing and then flips it to true when you take your pic, so you can't /5(16).

There will be no changes to other Yahoo properties or services, or your Yahoo account. You can find more information about the Yahoo Answers shutdown and how to download your data on this help page. I really like the way I look in the looi, but when I'm in a picture I look lik. If people see me not in a picture but just in lkke life do I look like I do in the mirror?

So would we still look the same but just reflected, or would our "imperfections" stand out more when other people look at us? Best way to tell what realky actually look like is to stand by a wall mirror, and hold a dp mirror, look at the reflection of yourself on the wall mirror, through the hand mirror basically mirgor will be looking into the handmirror in the end, be sure to angle it towards the wall mirror.

That would be like looking at yourself through someone else's eyes. Wbat this wasnt confusing. No, how to lose weight when you weigh 300 pounds usually dont see ourselves exactly the same as we what is third age total war look in a mirror.

Why this is, I dont know I'm sure theres an explaination, I'll go look it upand it sucks. And photos arent always a good tool either. Since it de-animates you, loook catches you at different angles, it's not always really acurate either. I know just what you're talking about. The answer is no. Depending on the lighting, shape, wuat size of the mirror you can look different.

Long thin mirrors make you to appear thinner. Sometimes you get that lighting that you see in Whxt or a gym. Which can pretty much put a spot light on everyone of your flaws. I just know to put these thoughts in the back of my mind. Just like some pictures look better than others, you look better in some mirrors. The image in the mirror is distorted very slightly as all mirrors wuat themselves imperfect. But every human eye is also different ad images can be distorted by people perceptions and outlooks, a fat man may repulse one person but invoke feelings of lust in another, therefore the former would describe the man as ugly and the latter would say hes handsome.

The image you see reflected in the mirror is how you see yourself, if u are depressed the image will be full of imperfections and flaws, if you are newly in love and full of spark then the image you see will be flawless and bright. The answer is no, at least for me. I think people see you as more like what whhat look in the picture. I also love the way I mlrror in the mirror, but I've noticed that when I'm looking at myself I always do little 'things' to make myself cuter.

For example, I would toss my hair back a little or widen my eyes, I don't know? And when other people take pictures of me I don't do those stuff. I guess people in the pictures are more natural you, just a guess.

I have always wondered that too! And I hate how I look in pics, and look so much better in the mirror. People have told me I look prettier in person than in pics, so I'm guessing I look more like I do in the mirror? Although you are right, the mirror reverses the image, but I don't think it has that much affect on the reflection.

I think the closest way to see what you look like what is cambric cotton fabric other people is to watch yourself in a video.

That way you look more natural, cuz you aren't "frozen" in one pose. A camera can catch you in bad lighting though or in a bad angle.

Also, a camera isn't the exact mirror image of you, and a mirror is obviously. I think people will mostly see you like you see yourself in a mirror standing straight on at least. Well, i hope so!! Its all about lighting. Yeah we are reflected in mirrors, and we see ourselves every morning like that. Usually we can work something that looks good to us, then if we have a picture taken of that its like wtf? Thats not me, voodoo magic.

But to everyone else real,y pictures look fine. It's a reverse thing F'ing with our minds. Trending News. Queen Elizabeth's loving gesture to her late husband. Top NFL prospect clears up comments about motivation. Experts explain. UFC co-main event nixed after bizarre shoving incident.

Spring game draws largest sports crowd in pandemic. Homebuyers are 'depressed for good reason': Corcoran. Kate Middleton pays stylish tribute to queen, Diana. New York rapper Black Rob dies at Everything qhat buying during Amazon's major sale. Do we look like what we see in mirrors?

Answer Save. Hope this wasnt confusing No, we usually dont see ourselves exactly the same as we actually look in a mirror. Hope this helps. The mind controls more of what rewlly see than your eye's do. Diana Lv 4. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer.

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Nov 20,  · The reflection you see in the mirror each morning is a REVERSED IMAGE of how you appear to the world, and to the camera. Here’s a photo to illustrate. This is what I see every day when I look in the mirror. This is how I actually appear to the world AND in photographs. A camera captures an accurate depiction of your image. A mirror does not. Dec 09,  · I'm really self-conscious When I look in the mirror I think I look fairly decent. But when my friends take pictures of me I look so different and in my opinion, ugly. I asked my sister to look at my pictures and then back at me and she said that I look a lot better in real life but I still don't know because my friends look the same in pictures as they do in person. Do not forget that when we look in the mirror we usually focus on some particular part of our reflection and don't see the overall picture. But when we look at a photograph, we perceive everything holistically and notice things that previously appeared insignificant (for instance, bad .

Undoubtedly, many of you will find this situation familiar: the person you see when you're facing the mirror looks nothing like the person you see when you're looking at your photos.

It's as if the camera filters the image in some radical way. Or should we blame the mirror? Today, the staff of Bright Side tries to find the answer to these questions: Which is closer to our actual appearance - reflection or photograph?

And why is it that we often perceive our mirror reflections and photos in different ways? We tend to look in the mirror the most when we are at home - an environment where we feel at our freest and most relaxed. As for photographs, we usually end up in the frame while on "foreign turf," which means that we naturally look more tense and unprepared. That is why, sometimes, when glancing in the mirror before going off to a party we see an irresistibly good-looking individual.

And then the next day, looking at ourselves in the party photos, we suddenly notice quite the opposite. The simple fact is that our faces are not symmetrical. This is true for absolutely everyone - more so for some, less for others. And there lies the cause of all the confusion. Every morning, as we look in the mirror, we stand in the same spot, seeing ourselves from a familiar perspective. As a result, we get used to observing our face from one particular angle. But when it comes to photographs, you don't always receive prior warning regarding how, when, and from which direction the picture will be taken.

Unless, of course, you are a star of the likes of Audrey Hepburn, who was almost always photographed from her best angle. Every type of lighting has its own temperature.

But when we look in the mirror, we do not register this temperature diversity. This is because our brain - being the "supercomputer" that it is - automatically evens out all the differences and "shows" us the complexion to which we are accustomed. On the other hand, a photograph captures the lighting as it really is with all the offsets and differences of temperature.

When we look in the mirror - even if the lighting comes from a ragtag variety of sources, with multiple colors and shadows dancing across our face - we still see our usual selves. Whereas a photo can cause resentment by making us see our features in an objective lighting environment.

Do not forget that when we look in the mirror we usually focus on some particular part of our reflection and don't see the overall picture. But when we look at a photograph, we perceive everything holistically and notice things that previously appeared insignificant for instance, bad posture, awkwardly positioned hands, etc.

In a reflection, we always see a "mirrored" version of ourselves, and that ultimately shapes our perception of what we look like. Photographs, on the other hand, portray us the way we are viewed by others - an unusual perspective that can cause quite a surprise. From all this we can conclude that only photographs can give us objective information about our appearance. But even if you don't always look good in pictures, that's by no means a reason to despair! Perhaps you were snapped at a bad moment, or when overstressed, or you simply didn't have time to pull your stomach in.

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