What are the advantages and disadvantages of twitter

what are the advantages and disadvantages of twitter

The 8 Most Important Twitter Advantages and Disadvantages

Jul 26,  · Advantages of Twitter: 1. “The best reason to me for utilizing Twitter is that it is really easy to find like-minded communities and benchmark 2. I also am able to see what everyone is posting on their blogs without searching because they come up in my feed 3. Because of the short nature of. Pro: Massive Audience Potential. One of the biggest advantages of Twitter is the potential audience: Twitter has million monthly users as of December , according to Trusted Reviews. While your feed obviously won't reach every user, even a fraction of that pool is a substantial audience.

Twitter is one of the world's most popular social media platforms with over million users. Disadvantzges businesses use Twitter to reach and connect with their customers. Twitter can help you reach a wide diswdvantages and connect with your customers.

The downsides include possible negative feedback. Consider if a twitter account will benefit your business. Are your competitors using how to watch wrestlemania 29 on xbox How do other people in your industry use it?

What success are your peers having on Twitter? Twitter for business Advantages and disadvantages of Twitter for business. Evaluate the pros and cons and decide if Twitter is right for your business. Benefits of Twitter for business There are a number of advantages that using twitter can bring to a business: Reach a wide audience: Twitter has a large user base, which could include your potential customers. Using hashtags can help you reach an audience interested in a particular topic or in a particular location.

Deliver customer service: The platform allows direct two-way communication arvantages your customers. Because it's a public interaction, if you do it well it shows your business in a positive light Brand identity: Being on Twitter can help communicate your brand ethos and personality. This should help your business appeal to your target audience.

Feedback: Twitter can be a useful resource for gathering feedback from customers. Cost: It is free of charge to set up a Twitter account. While paid ads are available, many businesses see benefits from organic posts and interactions. Challenges of Twitter for business It's important be aware of the downsides of Twitter for businesses: Resources: Maintaining a presence on Twitter requires a what causes red eye in photographs commitment.

It's also important that the staff looking after the account have the right skills and training. Negative criticism: Customers could complain publicly about product or services. Negative comments can reflect badly on your business. However dealing with complaints well can have a positive impact on your reputation.

Time sensitive: Unless you tweet at the right time, when your followers are online, your tweets could easily be missed. Spam: Be wary of spam accounts on Twitter.

In particular, whxt not click on suspicious links from users you don't know. Limitations: You are restricted by Twitter's character limit. It can take time to learn how to communicate effectively with brevity. Printer-friendly version. Twitter information for business. Also on this site.

Social media best practice for business. Facebook for business. Use social media safely.

Advantages and disadvantages of Twitter for business

May 29,  · The Advantages and Disadvantages of Twitter Twitter. Twitter is an online community, a social networking site, where people can share their views and thoughts, in Advantages of Twitter. Twitter provides free access to users like many other social networking sites like Facebook, Disadvantages.

Twitter is an online community, a social networking site, where people can share their views and thoughts, in the form of tweets, with the world.

Today, it has about a billion registered users and millions of people tweeting their thoughts every day, actively. According to Twitter's website, it has about million active users per month. Whatever it may be, you will always find people tweeting about the latest issues.

Even when an earthquake strikes, you would first find the news on Twitter. That's how famous and popular it has become. To give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers. Twitter provides free access to users like many other social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Although these days it has some paid services, it is up to the users to choose those services. You can start your account within seconds and start tweeting right away. Using Twitter is user-friendly, and there is a mobile application too that is very easy to understand and use, like the website.

You can be creative and use images, gifs, etc. It is a very basic platform, which makes it appealing to users. One does not have to struggle too much understanding buttons here and there.

Unlike other social networking sites, Twitter is immensely popular among famous people, stars, and celebrities. So you can follow them, and get the latest and instant news of what they are doing and you can follow up.

You can directly stay connected and even tweet them using this wonderful platform. So it is very secure to use. Twitter provides a platform for any business to communicate with customers and partners, and build a healthy relationship with them by staying in touch.

There are already about a billion registered users so you can target a large audience at no cost. You can use hashtags, and make them popular among people. They even retweet and interact with their followers. With this being said, they now have around Recently, during Christmas, they started a worldwide debate with the hashtag merrychristmasstarbucks, due to their controversial red cup for Christmas, which garnered a huge attention. Yes, you can use only characters in your tweet. This may be tough especially for businesses that would want to share more information.

Some say this is a disadvantage, but I would say less is more. One can always get creative. You can also use third-party applications to post more than characters for your tweet.

There are a lot of fake accounts and even users who would just end up spamming you with irrelevant information. On mobile apps, it currently supports mp4 and mov video formats. One can upload videos upto only mb with a length of only 2 minutes and 20 seconds or less.

According to Internet Live Stats, there are as many as tweets per second, which corresponds to million tweets per day. With this number of tweets on a daily basis, tweets may get buried quickly and many tweets will be unseen by the audience that it was meant for, depending on the number of accounts a user is following.

Today, Twitter has become one of the largest social networks on the Internet. Just as everything else, Twitter is not perfect; it has its merits and demerits. Due to its simple structure, Twitter continues to grow in popularity among people. Personal Finance. Related Articles. Life Sciences. By Kathi.

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