What are interactive features on a website

what are interactive features on a website

What’s an Interactive Website?!

Interactive features Interactive features on create your website include: These days, there are so many things that can provide interactivity on your site. Using our web builder you can easily add videos from YouTube, add in social media buttons and code straight into the page or site wide. Here are some examples of interactive features you could have on your site to increase its "stickiness" and encourage repeat visits: Feedback forms to gather information (with validation) Survey/Polls Automatic subscribe/unsubscribe to a mailing list (eg for newsletter) Bulletin boards/discussion.

An interactive website is an Internet page that uses various software to create an interactive experience that allows the person viewing the webpage to be actively engaged with the site. This can be done for a number of reasons and by using various methods and software to accomplish this interactivity. An interactive website can be just about any website that allows users to go beyond simply reading text and viewing images.

Instead, this type of website can also allow the viewer to how many protons and neutrons does platinum have the way in which the website displays or allow the user to play games and achieve various tasks. In general, an interactive website will use the standard graphical user interface GUI present on all websites to create interactivity with the viewer.

For example, a website that displays weather forecasts for an area may simply allow a user to type in his or her location and then show weather details for that region. While this technically is interactive, since it allowed the user to input his or her information, this would be a fairly unimpressive level of interactivity. A more elaborate interactive website might allow the user to input his or her location and also indicate a particular year or day and display weather for that time period.

This could allow the user to better understand recorded weather patterns and trends throughout history. An interactive website could also display an image of the Earth, perhaps represented as a three-dimensional rendering, and allow the user to interact with that globe.

The website might display weather for different countries and allow the user to zoom into specific regions, or to move and manipulate the globe to see various parts of the world and quickly view the weather in those areas. Different types of software are often used to create an interactive website, though programs usually include various features to display animations or allow the user to manipulate images that appear on the page.

This can be used for educational purposes, entertainment, and for a number of other reasons as well, including attracting more users to a particular website. There are scientific websites that allow a user to explore the various structures of different plants and animals, at cellular and microscopic levels, as well as sites that can be used to better understand the size of the universe. An interactive website can also be used to allow users of a website to play games or interact with friends online.

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The key to creating these interactive features on your website is to be sure you make the site visitor feel like the center of attention. Take Time to Strategize. Building a new website begins with strategy. Kick off your project with a “discovery” phase, where you (and your team if you have one) work to determine key foundational items. Mar 01,  · Implementing a live chat on your e-commerce site to assist users in navigating through your website is a great way to remain interactive. Not only does it give your site visitors an excuse to stay active on the site, it also displays excellent customer service so consumers are less likely to leave. Aug 27,  · An interactive web design integrates software into the web page to engage visitors with a more relevant experience. It’s the difference between talking at someone and starting a conversation. No one likes to be talked at. The website does this by asking individuals to take trivial or more complex actions to continue experiencing the website.

What happens when your marketing consultant takes a look at your brand new site? And when we talk about online shopping things just get worse. Online shopping is a major trend that is making a lot of money for many different brands. Possibly due to the convenience and fast-paced nature of shopping on the web, consumers love to make online purchases as opposed to making the trip to a brick-and-mortar store.

However, as a business owner, keeping your customers engaged to the point of purchase can be difficult. In fact, according to a study done by Chartbeat,. So what can you do to combat this? The best dynamic interactive websites Include some of these interactive features on your e-commerce site. This could have a lot to do with our struggle to make websites leaner, faster and more mobile friendly.

For consumers, there is almost nothing more frustrating than having trouble finding information or a product on a website. Implementing a live chat on your e-commerce site to assist users in navigating through your website is a great way to remain interactive.

Not only does it give your site visitors an excuse to stay active on the site, it also displays excellent customer service so consumers are less likely to leave. In that post I mention Mobile Monkey which is a chatbot that can engage with your visitors through your Website, Facebook Page or even via ads.

In this age of social media, content marketing and blogging , online users are willing to share their opinions and communicate with brands more than ever. User-generated reviews also assist your e-commerce site by giving other customers the chance to hear about your products from people who have already used it.

Scared of bad reviews? Even negative reviews can be positive — it lets visitors know the reviews are authentic and not censored by your company. Most eCommerce platforms have built-in systems that automatically ask customers for reviews; which is really handy.

The reviews collected by Google Customer Reviews help you become eligible for seller ratings. When you participate, you can display a badge with the Google brand and your seller rating.

Your seller rating will also appear on Search Ads and in Google Shopping. This program can highlight that you consistently offer a great shopping experience. After a customer makes a purchase, they will be presented with a survey letting them take part in Google Customer Reviews. If the customer opts in, Google will email them a survey after their order has arrived.

Another great customer review integration is Yotpo. Yotpo helps brands collect and leverage reviews and photos throughout the buyer journey to increase trust, social proof, and sales. When it comes to keeping your visitors more engaged and active on your site, hyperlinks are the way to go. Hyperlinks included on product information pages keep users interested and help them navigate your site in an easier and more targeted way. Most people think of internal linking only in terms of benefiting their seo strategy; however using hyperlinks the right way can provide easy access to various site pages and keep consumers clicking, which is always a positive action.

Apple Rubber is a great example for hyperlinking useful information throughout the product page. Apple Rubber provides o-rings for a wide variety of uses in a massive selection of sizes and even materials.

They go out of their way to help customers narrow down exactly the right o-ring with exactly the right fit for the application. These internal links keep their website visitors on-site longer by providing high quality resources and yes these high quality resources and internal links increase SEO benefits as well as user experience.

Creating interactive photos or videos are an ideal way to draw in consumers to your products. The one limitation of online shopping is not being able to see and experience a product in-person before purchasing. Interactive photos and videos instantly combat this problem by providing a real-world example of what the product is like.

Especially effective with products that have a number of features, you can prompt visitors to touch on certain parts of the product to reveal its features, or click on certain buttons to see it in action.

E-commerce sites are a great way to grow sales and make your brand available to your consumers from the comfort of their own home. However, the online world is fast paced and keeping users engaged can be difficult. Include these interactive features to keep consumers engaged and active on your website and you will certainly see an increase in conversions.

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