How to use a drum dial

how to use a drum dial

How to use Drum Dial

Mar 25,  · In this video Ill show you a quick way I tune the drums with the drum dial, only use this tip if you have little time and low light lol Gear I use: drum dial. DrumDial can be used to tension equally both tuned and untuned membranophones. While most drums with heads are classified as instruments of indefinite pitch, DrumDial can aid in maintaining the “relative pitch” you desire once the pressure values are established to your liking. Membranophones of definite pitch such as timpani, tablas and boobams may also be tuned accurately with DrumDial.

How to Use a DrumDial When replacing a drum head, be sure to seat the new head evenly on the drum. Replace the hoop and finger tighten the tuning lugs. This will ensure that a proper bearing edge fit can be achieved. If used drum heads are being tuned for the first time with how to make an easter bunny costume DrumDial, these heads should be loosened up, finger tightened and slowly brought back up to tension using the tuner.

Make sure the drum to be tuned is fairly level so that the tuner will not slide around on the head. Your DrumDial is zeroed at the factory, but with daily use, the tuner may need to be re-zeroed occasionally. To zero the DrumDial, simply place it on a flat glass surface, unlock the bezel and rotate it so that the large needle is on the zero, then re-lock the bezel. Note: 1. Make sure that the tuning tip is finger tight. The top cap screw is not used for calibration and should be kept tight and never removed.

Position the tuner so the dial is easy to read. Place the tuning tip on the drum head, always compressing it slowly, until the full weight of the tuner is on the drum. This distance can be easily measured using the DrumDial Edge Gage. Simply clip it onto the neck of the DrumDial and position what to do for oily skin home remedies tuner so the Edge Gage lightly touches the inside rim of the drum.

Take readings using the large needle hand only, the small needle is not used for tuning. Note the reading on the gage. Pick the tuner up and move it to the next tuning lug, and so on be sure to compress the tuning tip slowly. Find the lug with the highest reading and tune the other lugs to match this one.

Tighten each tuning lug a little at a time, otherwise the drum head what huh mean in text not seat properly. Continue picking up and moving the DrumDial to each tuning point, tightening each tuning lug to achieve identical gage readings.

Do this until the drum head is sufficiently tight and the head is properly seated. At this point, the drum should be in tune with itself. Now, if you want a different tone, slowly tighten or loosen each tuning lug to your desired tuning point, again matching all gage readings.

Note: Picking up the tuner and placing it down again in the same spot should give you an identical gage reading. However, used heads with indentations and scuffed areas around the edges will make the tuner have different readings if the tuning tip is placed directly on a scuffed surface or in a dent.

This should not be a problem unless the drum head is extremely worn. When loosening a tuning lug, be sure to pick the dial up and place it down again to relieve pressure on the head, this will assure a correct gage reading. This is not necessary when tightening a tuning lug. Ordinarily most drums will be tuned to about 75 for the top head and 74 for the bottom resonant head snare drums tighter, top 85, bottom 82 and bass drums a little looser at 70 to Because of the variety of drums on the market, experimentation with your particular set-up what does te amo tambien mean in spanish different gage readings and tuning levels is recommended.

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Nov 20,  · The Drum Dial is one of those subjects that comes up from time to time and always seems to stir up both supporters and detractors. I was shown very early in my career how to tune (tension) my drums without anything other than my ears, a drum key, and sometimes tape and napkins/paper towels/Kleenex. DrumDial™ drum tuners accurately tune all drums by measuring drum head tension NOT tension rod torque. Measure drum head tension directly from the drum head faster than ever before. Get the tuner that really works, get a DrumDial™ drum tuner and make it .

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. How to use Drum Dial. Thread starter relayer Start date Nov 19, I have a Drum Dial that I haven't used in ages. I've long since forgotten how to use it it seems simple. Could someone give me a quick tutorial on what to do? Thanks sir. I thought I knew what I was doing and I was right. Really appreciate the link. Should've looked myself. Coco Nabes Very well Known Member. Open lid of trash can. Insert drum dial.

And you're done! So you threw yours away? What was it doing wrong? I never used mine. I bought it years ago, but lost the L shaped piece that comes with it. I thought I'd try and get some use out of it, by getting the L piece replaced.

But if yours doesn't work, why didn't you take it back or did you? Maybe I shouldn't bother. Thanks for the input. You don't need the L piece. And it is not garbage. It is a great tool! I can just put a head on and get everything up to the perfect sound that I've found for my drums without using my ear. I don't have to keep getting up to re-tune because my ear said one thing then getting back to the seat I then hear another…I just use the numbers and it works.

The Drum Dial is controversial around here. I only sort of understand why. But for me the drum dial is just a aid, not an end-all be-all.

You still use your ears for fine tuning. It quickly gets the drum close to where I know I want it plus gives me a reference that can be handy. OZjazzer Well-Known Member. Big fan of the DrumDial. Love having a measurable reference point for all my drums. For the guys who were born with the ability to tune drums it's a waste of space. For us ordinary mortals it's fantastic. Don't like it? Don't use it. But don't knock it.

Thanks for the replies. I've been playing 40 years, and know how to tension drums by ear and feel. I just thought I'd use the drum dial to get me in the ballpark when putting on new heads. Saving time, rather than using it as a crutch is my impetus. Im not sure why it's controversial. Who has time to worry about such things? Spend it practicing. As stated above, if you don't like it, don't use it. If I don't like it, I won't.

Thanks again for the responses. I still have mine but I don't use it. I just found that I can tune a drum a lot faster by ear. When I dialed all the lugs to the same setting they were different pitches when I would tap at each lug and I found I had to tune the drum by ear anyway. The one thing that I think it is useful for though is setting it in the middle of the head to get an overall number to aim for later when changing heads once you've found where you like a particular drum to sit.

Jordan Blue Very well Known Member. Joined Jan 19, Messages 1, Reaction score Another DD fan here. As others say, it gets you in the ballpark with new heads. I also use it to adjust my snare every month or so, as a lug or two are apt to loosen a slight bit. I'm now in the habit of adjusting the snare to my pre-measured setting again, very minor with broken-in heads , and I don't even need to audibly test it.

I know it will be right. Big Drum Dial fan here. Being kinda sorta tone deaf, it's a great asset to me. Just cuz you don't like it, or need it, is no reason to knock it.

Just cuz you don't like it, or need, is no reason to knock it. Mere mention for the Tama watch. Like already stated, I happen to find it very useful when putting on new heads.

Get's me there very, very quickly with only a fraction of time for fine tuning with the ears - which aren't as good as they used to be. BillyGoodness Pro. Stephen, Since your initial request was for someone to help you with "how to use the Drum Dial", the very 1st reply from agogobil probably did the trick. The Drum Dial is one of those subjects that comes up from time to time and always seems to stir up both supporters and detractors. I've used what I learned successfully for many years.

Having said that, I have a Drum Dial and I like it. It does exactly what it says it does. Like others have said, it's a tool. If it works for you that's a good thing. Billy G. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar threads. Random drum thought s. Replies 0 Views Yesterday at PM paul. Taking an inventory of my gear. Replies 19 Views Looking for a 16x16 drum bag. JimV Yesterday at PM. Yesterday at PM JimV.

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  1. Great video. very helpful. However, I went thru the steps on your tutorial, but my screen does not have all the fields that yours does.

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