How to tame an overgrown garden

how to tame an overgrown garden

It’s a Jungle Out There: How to Clear an Overgrown Garden

A reel mower simply won't do for a large acreage. A tractor mower can make mowing the lawn a breeze. Rakes, spades, wheelbarrows, clippers, hedgers and so forth can add to the relative ease of keeping up a low-maintenance landscape. Mar 19,  · Weeds are a common issue in under-managed gardens. There are few substitutes to a good hand weeding but you can also try two other methods when recovering overgrown gardens. One involves the use of chemicals sprayed on the unwanted plants. Glyphosate is .

Ready to tackle that area of your property that has turned into a tangled mess? Without proper attention, most areas will try to revert back to their natural, woody states. But have no fear! How long this process takes and how to trim down your legs labor intensive it is will depend on how much overgrowth you have, and what type.

For example, an area of tall grass and overtrown is much easier to get control of than a densely wooded area. The same steps can be followed to get your pristine property back, though:. Are you going to plant a wildflower meadow? Do you want a grassy area? Are you putting in a vegetable garden? Knowing what the end result is will help to inform how you proceed.

For meadows or other generally untraveled areas, a few overgrowwn or stray trees may be fine. If you have trees, take them out first either with a chainsaw, brush cutter, tree shear, or by hiring a tree removal service depending on their size.

If you have stumps left behind, garrden are multiple options for removing them. For the quickest results, a stump grinder is the ideal method how to take reduce 15 mg methods can take years to fully remove a stump. Great ways to dispose of the trees overrgown either in a wood chipper which also creates valuable mulch for gardens and other landscaped areas or by using them for firewood. Depending on the density and height of the weeds and brush that are left, either a brush mower or string trimmer will get rid of the remainder of the tangle.

If your overgrown area is more weedy than woody, a string trimmer might be a better choice. Then, cover the area with either plastic sheet mulch, old newspapers, or heavy bark mulch for at least several months to smother any weeds that may germinate. Finally, either plant seeds or transplant what are the best heated rollers plants that you have already raised.

For wildflowers, the ideal time of year to plant will depend on the types of flowers you choose, so be sure to research them or follow the instructions on their packages. The same goes for a vegetable garden. To plant grass, spread the seed evenly by hand or with a spreader then roll the area with either a walk-behind roller or the Culti-Packer attachment if you have a DR Roto-Hog Power Tiller.

Then, use bedding straw NOT hay, which may contain seeds to cover the ground where you have planted. This will shade the ground and continue to keep weeds from growing, while keeping in moisture for the gxrden seeds. Eventually, the blades will grow through the straw and it will be able to be carefully raked away. And then sit back, relax, and enjoy your newly cleaned-up yard or garden! Share Tweet Share Pin Email.

Determine your strategy and plan ahead

How to Tame Your Garden Tool Up. Every job is easier with the right tools. To regain control of your garden you will need sharp secateurs for Choose Your Weather. Everyone knows that gardening in the rain is a really bad idea, but gardening on a baking hot day Attitude Counts. If you let your. How to fix a slightly messy garden Remove weeds. Most herbicidal products will turn green weeds into unsightly yellow “flops” that still need getting rid Mulch around plants. To keep on top of weeds, mulch as you go and cover the area around trees, bushes and shrubs with Take care of the lawn. Jul 19,  · How to Rescue a Completely Overgrown Garden Great growing conditions make for a bountiful harvest but they also help the weeds grow. Here’s how to get yourself out Rescue an Overgrown Garden: “Dig” Yourself Out. Luckily, by now we’ve learned to dig ourselves out of that overgrown Start With a.

Having to deal with a jungle of a garden can be a blessing or an outright cause for despair. Of course, having or lacking the skills and tools will be also at play in how you feel about the project — see it as a blank or green canvas that tickles your creativity and inspiration or as a dreaded nuisance of a job.

So, this guide on how to reclaim an overgrown garden aims to help you get a clear strategy on where to start from, as well as understand all the important aspects that a garden clean-up process involves. Every garden is different, even when overgrown. Still, there is a general course of actions that you can follow.

Check below the best way to approach clearing an overgrown garden:. Or you can decide on a some sort of hardscape feature over the area, be it to cover it with gravel or to install a patio. Taming an overgrown garden, sometimes, calls for removing old and dying trees.

This especially applies to diseased fruit trees that no longer produce good fruit, due to failed annual pruning and overall neglect. There are various pruning techniques that can be applied when shaping an overgrown garden.

Rejuvenation pruning allows for long-untended plants to become more manageable. Still, only some plant varieties can handle hard pruning the bush is cut back in one go to about 10 inches from the ground.

Those that can easily tolerate extensive rejuvenation include Lilac, Rose-of-Sharon Hibiscus syriacus , St. This rejuvenation trimming technique involves cutting back, in the first year, one-third of the thickest and oldest branches, which can be deemed unproductive.

In the second year, you should take a good half of the rest of the old and somewhat unmaintained-looking canes. And in the following year, trim back any remaining old stems. You may be lucky and find on close inspection that your newly acquired garden is only slightly overgrown.

Below, we share some quick-fix tips that will help you tidy up your green space that has not gone totally wild. With some creativity and a few basic tools, you can give your slightly messy garden a facelift that will suffice the requirements of any potentially picky buyer or tenant. The task will take a good month, as well, as weed killers take time to work. Spot weed around paved areas, water features and shrubs.

Quickly go around and tidy up flower beds and rockeries. It will take you much less time than using chemicals, especially if your garden is on the small side. To keep on top of weeds, mulch as you go and cover the area around trees, bushes and shrubs with gravel or shredded bark.

You will appreciate the transformation almost immediately as focal points become more defined and the contrast of dark and light colours — more prominent. Mulching is good for boosting soil water retention, too, so treat the job as a priority. Mow the slightly overgrown lawn and trim the edges to get that neat look. Even if the grass is somewhat pale green, a bit patchy in spots and not the best looking, a tidy and well-defined turfed area will do wonders for the overall look of the garden.

Pick a day to overseed it and feed it so that by the time you get to the first viewings, the lawn appears its best. Again, be clever and use contrasting colours and features to your advantage. The easiest way to balance out fast-growing greenery is by landscaping the garden layout with an easy-to-make garden path.

You can construct one in no time by literally plonking natural stone slabs directly on the ground or lawn. A garden path will encourage anyone to take a short stroll, especially if it leads to a beautiful tree, a barbeque area or a quaint bench.

If your time is limited and you wish, for whatever reason, to achieve a blooming garden overnight, get some seasonal plants that are already in flower from your local garden centre. Invest in a few terracotta pots and transplant your new varieties. This is the quickest way to arrange an eye-catching display of pastels, different shades of green and a few bold colours until later-flowering plants and shrubs in the garden come in bloom.

Container gardening is your best bet if you want to have a fast garden makeover as a result. What a professional garden clean-up service gets you. So, if you are in need of a fast solution and could do with some help with your garden makeover, the pros at Fantastic Services have what it takes to handle the job for you. Our garden clearance service comes with a range of advantages, from free green waste disposal up to l , reduced rates with the Fantastic Club and carefully developed customised approach to the option to benefit from additional services, upon request.

Just check out below the results of our previous work on various garden clearance and makeover projects. Have you ever tackled a garden clearance project by yourself? For more information, check out our privacy policy. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest. Table of contents: Determine your strategy and plan ahead How to get back your overgrown garden How to fix a slightly messy garden What a professional garden clearance service gets you.

How bad exactly is it? After all, a bit of pruning and weeding here and there may well be what your green space needs. The size of the garden also matters, of course, in terms of how long it will take you to clear it and whether to settle for a gradual makeover or choose a get-it-over-and-done-with approach. Are you on a tight schedule? Last but not least, a strategy without clear goals, as in how you picture your garden, is no real strategy.

And so on. Use a weed burner. Also known as a weed blowtorch or a flame gun, the device is perfect for spot weed killing in flower beds, rockeries, over garden pavings and along borders and edges. Experienced gardeners use the tool on lawns, too, if they feel confident about not damaging the surrounding grass. Avoid using a strimmer to get rid of weeds. Strimming weeds not only renders short-lived results the weeds keep coming back but may also boost their distribution through dispersing their seeds.

Of course, if you distinguish an overgrown lawn area, a strimmer will come handy when trying to restore it. You can save some time and effort, when clearing the yard, by recognising the beauty of a meadow-style garden.

So, why not leave the small section in the corner with long grass and wildflowers, which will attract bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects? Use the seasons to your advantage. Trying to reclaim a jungle-like garden in the summer is much harder than if you attempted the job in late autumn or early spring when, respectively, plant life slows down or has not yet emerged. Divide perennials. Transplant only those you wish to see in your garden. This task is best done in autumn. Work in sections.

Clear a small section at a time and work your way gradually. So, focus on fewer tasks rather than worry about the whole garden. Put an old carpet to good use. An old carpet, made from natural fibres, will make the weed-killing task a breeze. Once unwanted plants have turned limp and yellow under the rug, it will be much easier to pull them by hand or dig them out with a fork.

Consider starting a compost bin. Note that the above steps are best completed gradually, over time, so that you perform each task at the right time of the year for optimum results.

Also, if you feel like using a weed killer to remove unwanted broad-leaved weeds, such as clover or dandelion from the lawn, for instance, you can mix a selective herbicide with fertiliser and apply them both at the same time with a spreader or a sprayer. You can double check all relevant regulations with your local council. For bigger trees, you better opt for tree felling service. Another option is to book our professional stump grinding service and have the tree stump ground and covered in soil, especially if you have children that can trip over it.

After all, you could do with some shade in the hot season, as well as encourage chirping birds to bring the sounds of Nature into your home. Last but not least, you can settle for a less invasive decision and prune a messy-looking tree that can serve as a lovely focal point in your garden.

Have you thought that a tree stump can be repurposed and become the base of a unique garden table if you fix a round flat piece of wood on top? Explore our garden maintenance service and how can it help you rejuvenate your garden.

Learn More. Mulch around plants To keep on top of weeds, mulch as you go and cover the area around trees, bushes and shrubs with gravel or shredded bark. Take care of the lawn Mow the slightly overgrown lawn and trim the edges to get that neat look. Achieve structure through edging Again, be clever and use contrasting colours and features to your advantage.

Clear paths or build new ones The easiest way to balance out fast-growing greenery is by landscaping the garden layout with an easy-to-make garden path.

Bring colour the quick way If your time is limited and you wish, for whatever reason, to achieve a blooming garden overnight, get some seasonal plants that are already in flower from your local garden centre. Ready to restore your garden to its former glory? Enter your postcode to get started. Add a valid postcode e. SE1 2TH. We're certified:. Enjoyed this article? Share with your friends! Garden Regulations. Garden Advice. Home Improvement. Landscaping Projects.

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