How to set processes parameter in oracle 11g

how to set processes parameter in oracle 11g

Oracle Parameter Processes and Sessions

Jun 28,  · In 10g, oracle used to derive sessions parameter from processes parameter using following formula ( * PROCESSES) + 5. In 11g R1 onwards it changed to ( * PROCESSES) + It has another rule though: If we set lower value of sessions parameters than derived value, Oracle will automatically bump it to above derived value. If we set higher. To change the value for the maximum processes, issue the following statements. Depending on your database options, the value specified for processes should be set to a minimum value greater than or equal to alter system set processes= scope=spfile; shutdown immediate startup.

What are Sessions in Oracle database : Sessions specify the number of connections that can served by oracle database at a time. This is equivalent to the number of concurrent users of the application.

If your application has a lot of concurrent users then you need to increase the sessions in the oracle database. What are processes in Oracle database : Processes run in the background of Oracle database to maximize performance and accommodate many users. What are transactions in Oracle database : A transaction is a logical, atomic unit of work that contains one or more SQL statements. To alter the sessions,transactions, processes follow this procedure — 1. At command line, type sqlplus 2.

After running these commands, you need to restart the Oracel instance, follow these commands shutdown immediate; startup; 5. After startup is complete run the following commands to see the updated values.

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Answer: You are correct that the processes parameter controls the number of allowed Oracle sessions, but the processes parameter also has "derivatives" parameters that are controlled by the value of the processes parameter. These derived parameters include sessions, enqueue_resources, and _enqueue_hash_chains. Mar 04,  · Processes = (ABAP Work Processes * 2) + Parallel_Max_Servers + 40 = (25*2) + 40 + 40 = Session = 2 * Processes = For example for JAVA Stack. PROCESSES = J2EE server processes * + PARALLEL_MAX_SERVERS + J2EE Server Processes = 2 (if two server nodes – Server0 and Server1). Sep 15,  · PROCESSES = Operating System Dependant. SESSIONS = ( * PROCESSES) + 5. TRANSACTIONS = * SESSIONS. For example, if processes are , then sessions will be and transactions will be To alter the sessions,transactions, processes follow this procedure – 1. At command line, type sqlplus 2. For username give / as sysdba 3.

Doubts- 1. Can you explain what is the use of processes in oracle like a single user can logged into the database with times at a time or over all users connected to the database when user try to loggin it will error like - ORA maximum number of processes exceeded 2.

Can i increase processes parameter seperatly on DR side or it should be the same on DC also? If i will increase the processes on Seperatly if possible then need to increase sessions and transactions parameters also or it may not necessary?

Thanks and we said Assuming you are using dedicate connection mode, this equates more or less to the number of sessions on your database. This could be one user connecting times, or users each connecting once, or any combination thereof. Dont forget that you have approx background processes needed just to run the database. If you have not explicitly set the sessions parameter, it will be adjusted along with processes. Hope this helps Rating 5 ratings Is this answer out of date?

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Question and Answer. Hope this helps. Thanks for quick reply, Means total users can conncted to my database at a time if user try to connect then it shows an error am i right?

Processes isn't about Users. Paul, November 30, - pm UTC. Its value should allow for all background processes such as locks, job queue processes, and parallel execution processes. Because every login requires a session, this parameter effectively determines the maximum number of concurrent users in the system. Values between 1 and the default do not trigger errors, but Oracle ignores them and uses the default instead.

That is a lot of overhead. December 01, - am UTC. December 05, - pm UTC. A reader, December 08, - am UTC. I am not asking any question not making any statement i have a dount So i have wrote it to be clear because i got this error in alert. So, can you please guide me what is related to this error when it comes? December 08, - am UTC.

Take the incident trace file that was created, and get in touch with Oracle support. My previous post was that this appears to be unrelated to the 'max' processes etc. Its more that a process could not start. Document Ramki, August 22, - am UTC. Can you tell me how with connection pool we can reduce number of process.

And concurrent user want to connection to application. Or its possible with connection pool to serve concurrent user. August 23, - am UTC. From the user's perspective, they all have a connection to the database. More to Explore. Dev Gym Classes, workouts and quizzes on Oracle Database technologies. Expertise through exercise!

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