How to see past tweets

how to see past tweets

Twitter historical data

Jul 14, How to See Old Tweets Using Twitter Search Open in your browser and click the search bar. Type in the following thread together with your Twitter username. Also, put the date range you want to dig back (username since: yyyy-mm . Feb 25, Finding Your Old Tweets with Twitter's Advanced Search Function. You can also use Twitter's own Advanced Search feature to search your old tweets. Go to and enter your username into the "From these accounts" field under "People." Then use the pop-up calendar tool to section a start date and an end date, like so.

These memories bring us closer. If you are a Twitter user, we know how much you value every tweet you post. You can look back to your older tweets and return the memories with your past tweets. But how?

By scrolling and scrolling until your fingers get tired? How to do side planks know that this method was not the perfect solution to your problem. There are easy ways sew will enable you to see your older tweets. This article will help you know what the methods you can use to see your older tweets without consuming much of your time and energy.

While you read this, also consider that you can do the tweehs to delete twitter likes and delete retweets as well. In Twitter, you can demand the collection of your tweets! Not just for one time but time to time since it generally serves as a good social media experience.

Twitter will give you a complete, comprehensive, and accessible archive of every tweet you posted, all you need to do is follow if you do these:.

To directly view your archive in the pazt browser you are using, just double-click on the index. You can browse your tweets that are sorted by month. In your preferred spreadsheet, you can open the tweets. We here at Twilert have notices a LOT of people searching for how to see old tweets and related terminology. We realized that there is a huge need in the market for a professional tool to help view older tweets.

A subset of this activity that hundreds of thousands of Twitter users make every day is the ability to understand how to find tweets by date. This is useful when you want to map a specific time or day to what you or someone said on twitter. The Free Old Tweet Tool by Twilert only goes back to the beginning of your own account to show you how to see old tweetts.

Alternatively, you could try this appwhich we love to refer how to choose between two lovers viewers to. Let us know if that helped you understand how to view tweets by date. If not check out this old tweets finder post. They were made at a time when you were not as experienced at Twitter marketing.

We help Twitter Users find old tweets without wasting time or money. Rapidly sift through and find your old tweets one by one or search all your tweets at once by using our tool and save a TON of time and frustration. How To See Old Tweets. In Old Tweet Search. By twilertmain. First Things First. Table of Contents. Start Right Now. Prev Next.

Using Twitter search to find your old tweets

Access Tweet Binder. Write the hashtag or term in the search box (dont hit create report yet) Add after the hashtag the advanced operators since and until like this: since:YEAR-MONTH-DAY until:YEAR-MONTH-DAY. Now click create report. You will go to your historical Twitter report. Apr 15, If youre using Advanced Search to find tweets sent during certain dates, use the Dates fields to enter the starting and ending date for the period you want to search. If you want to find your first-ever tweet using Advanced Search, find the date you joined Twitter and enter that date . Aug 26, As it turns out, searching twitter by date isnt difficult at all, its just a clunky, unintuitive mess. 1. Identify username and date range. First, you need to know the username of the account youre searching. Then add a date range/timeframe you want to search within. from:username since:yyyy-mm-dd until:yyyy-mm-dd.

Worried that some of your old tweets might contain outdated information? Think a tweet you sent a long time ago would do really well if you retweeted it today? Bonus: Download the free day plan to grow your Twitter following fast, a daily workbook that will help you establish a Twitter marketing routine and track your growth, so you can show your boss real results after one month.

Not sure when you sent the tweet? This exact phrase will only return tweets with these exact words, written in this exact order. Any of these words will only return tweets that contain at least one of these words.

You can also combine these operators into one big operator to perform the same advanced search we did in Method 1. Simply enter them into the search bar separated by a single space, as shown below. For example, if we wanted to search for tweets sent by hootsuite between Jan , , we would enter the following string into search:.

Requesting an archive of your tweets from time to time is good social media practice in general. It can take minutes, hours, or sometimes even days for Twitter to prepare your archive, depending on how large it is. Make sure your email address is up to date when you do this. In addition to sending you a push notification when your archive is ready, Twitter will also send a download link to your email.

Twitter will give you a. You can download it and view your archive in two ways:. Services like AllMyTweets can let you do so almost instantaneously. The loading process might take a while a few minutes if you have a few thousand tweets, and a bit longer than that if you have more than 10, Use the checkboxes at the top of the page to hide retweets and replies.

What then? Cardigan will let you fetch you last 3, tweets for free. Your tweets are ready to browse! Cardigan lets you browse your important tweets newest to oldest, most to least retweets, most to least favorites, and vice versa. It also lets you filter out retweets and replies, and search old tweets that contain specific words, hashtags or usernames. This could take some time depending on how many tweets you have.

You could also try a free service like TweetDelete. It not only wipes your Twitter history, but also lets you set a timer to automatically delete future tweets. You might have some luck searching for it using the Wayback Machine. The Wayback Machine will present you with every single screenshot it has taken of that Twitter page, organized by year and day.

Wayback Machine will show you a screenshot of the Twitter page exactly as it appeared on that day. From a single dashboard you can schedule posts, monitor relevant conversations, engage your audience, and measure performance. Try it free today. Get Started. We could have SWORN you were someone who wanted to blow your competition out of the water on social media. Our bad. Get the free guide right now! Easily manage all your social media in one place and save time with Hootsuite.

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