How to make a successful podcast

how to make a successful podcast

How to Start a Successful Podcast (For Under $100)

Feb 14,  · Create an excellent audio trailer that gives platforms like Apple Podcast a reason to promote your show. Design a clever campaign with the goal of generating high-quality reviews. Brainstorm how. Jul 31,  · Keep Your Podcast Focused. While it might be tempting to create a podcast that's all things to all listeners, successful shows tend to have a narrow, focused topic. Picture Your Author: Terry Sullivan.

Shopify uses cookies to provide necessary site functionality and improve your experience. By using our website, you agree to our privacy policy and our cookie policy. Podcast listenership continues to grow tremendously. As a business owner, learning to start a podcast is something you should consider to help you reach this growing audience and expand your business through content marketing. This guide will be your A-Z step-by-step walkthrough on how to get started with audio podcasting and why you should create a podcast.

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Get started. The other is by using a player, such as Apple Podcasts or Pocket Casts. Subscriber to the RSS feed into the player and play any of the episodes in the feed on a device, such as a smartphone or tablet. If you understand the value of creating content e. Creating a podcast allows you to reach a brand new audience: people who might otherwise never find or consume your long-form content because they prefer the audio format. A podcast is an excellent way to build an audience from scratch and position yourself as an authority in your industry.

In addition, podcasts also provide the potential to drive traffic back to your website or store. Learn more: Find out how to build a website to promote your podcast and sell online. The audience for podcasting significantly grew after InUS weekly podcast listeners averaged seven podcasts each week. On Apple Podcasts, there are dozens of categories and subcategories where listeners actively seek new content.

This means your podcast content will be highly targeted. People who are interested in your topic can seek you out. Inpodcasts had a balanced demographic, with listeners being equally male and female adults between the ages of 18 and Lastly, starting a podcast allows you to position yourself as an authority on your topic.

It helps build your audience and also makes it easier to sell your product or service since you're the credible source. Being seen as an authority can help influence potential customers to purchase your products.

People can listen to podcasts on the go, in the car, at the gym, and even at work. Another reason podcasts are easy to consume is that they can be listened to on any device. They can listen on their smartphones, desktop computers, or tablets. Unlike radio, podcasts are on-demand, which means your audience can listen to what they want, when they want.

Compared to other content platforms, podcasts allow you to create an intimate connection with your audience. This is your opportunity to form a more personal relationship with your audience. Because of this level of engagement, people even listen more closely to the ads. Learning how to start a podcast begins with identifying the premise or theme. Each episode should be relevant to that premise. For some, this theme will be obvious.

For example, if you sell sunglasses, you might not be able to start a podcast exclusively about sunglasses. However, if your customers are world travelers, then maybe a podcast about travel is a what date does baseball season start theme.

Try coming up with a list of at least 10—15 how to make a successful podcast. Then look for similar podcast recommendations on Apple Podcasts and examine their popularity, such as number of reviews and number of followers on social media.

Competition is a good thing! It can tell you whether or not the theme is viable. The next important component is the podcast format. What will your podcast be like and how will it be structured? Here are some ideas:. Lastly, how long will each of your episodes be? Your podcast cover art needs to be beautiful. You may need to invest some money in hiring a professional to design your cover art.

Take a look at artwork that catches your eye on Apple Podcasts and model your cover art after it. Your cover art should be a minimum of x and maximum of x Your podcast name should speak to you and your audience.

Ideally, listeners should know what the podcast is all about from just the name alone. Having a very descriptive name can help.

There are dozens of categories and subcategories on Apple Podcasts—everything from arts and politics to comedy and religion. Choose the category that best suits your theme. This is going to help with the search engine optimization How to calculate total asset turnover ratio of your podcast listings.

Apple Podcasts is a search engine, so many people who find your podcast will find it through a simple search. This way, new listeners know immediately which podcast episodes to check out, making new listeners more likely to become long-term fans.

This guide will also go through the most basic setup for creating your podcast starter kit. The short answer: yes. Since iPhones have microphones, they have everything you need to record the audio. That being said, there are several apps you can download that will turn your iPhone into a podcast audio recorder. Podcast hosting services, such as Podbean and SoundCloudalso offer in-app podcast recording capabilities.

Many how to make a successful podcast these apps are available for Android devices, too:. Gain control for sound levels and a headphones jack for all your sound monitoring needs. Virtually every desktop and laptop computer has at least one USB port, allowing you to connect a device, like an external microphone. These devices are plug-and-play, which means no drivers or installation are required. You may choose to invest in a more expensive XLR podcast microphone that plugs into a mixer, which might provide better sound quality for your podcast.

However, the audio quality you can achieve with a really good USB microphone is more than enough for most people. Many free popular podcasts today have some of the most simple setups and still use USB microphones. Your computer or laptop probably comes with a built-in microphone, but I forbid you from using that for your podcast. The audio quality will be abysmal, I promise.

Those built-in microphones were not designed for podcasts. You'll need a decent external microphone if you're serious about starting a podcast. The Samson Go Mic available in two different models is a basic, plug-and-play microphone that comes with a mic stand or clip to attach to your computer how to make a straw ring a USB cable.

The audio quality on the AT podcast microphone makes it worth the price. It features a built-in headphone jack with volume control so you can monitor your microphone signal without delay. This podcast microphone is often recommended for podcasting beginners. The Blue Yeti is a great condenser microphone that produces studio-quality recordings for podcasts with ease. The software recommended in this section will allow you to record the audio from your microphone and save it as an MP3 file. The following software will also allow you to edit your recordings, which I'll go over in more detail later in this guide.

It might be more than what you'll need to edit your podcast, but if you're using a mixer and high-end equipment, it could be a good idea to look how to fix strict nat type ps4 Adobe Audition as well. GarageBand allows you to record the audio from your podcast microphone and save it as an MP3.

If you plan on conducting interviews for your podcast, you might want to use software that records your calls. If you how to propagate persimmons from seed a bit more in your budget, these headphones are an industry standard and ideal for monitoring recording and listening back to audio when editing.

You might want to record your audio to an external device before importing the recording to your computer for editing. This prevents losing all your data if your computer crashes or loses power mid-session. The Zoom H4n has two external mics along with more formatting options and controls, for recording that requires two different inputs think two speakers with separate mics.

When it comes to how to record a podcast, all you need to do is plug in a USB microphone and open the audio recording software on your computer. Ensure your microphone is plugged in and turned on and that your microphone is the default input device for your recording software. Simply click the record button in your software of choice and talk away! You can always edit the recording later using the same software. Once you what does fbe stand for in blood test recording, you'll want to save your podcast.

MP3s are the best format for your podcast files, since they compress well low file size and can be played on most devices. Most recording software will ask you for this information upon saving.

A good bitrate to use is kbps, which keeps the file size low while maintaining good audio quality. For the sample rate, I recommend What do you talk about in this first episode? Talk about yourself!

The Key To A Great Podcast

Feb 28,  · To start a podcast, at a bare minimum, you need to: Come up with a concept (a topic, name, format, and target length for each episode). Design artwork and write a description to “brand” your podcast. Record and edit your audio files (such as MP3s).Author: Corey Ferreira.

Listen now! Some people prefer to listen, whereas others prefer to speak. In the era of digitization, where e-mails, online news, blogs, e-books permeated our world, it may seem that people are no longer interested in podcasts.

However, creating a successful podcast which people will enjoy may not be easy. We provide more than just a podcast. PRO TIP: Do you know that tracking time while working on your podcast can help you understand the process of podcasting? You can see how much time you spend on preparing, recording and audio editing so you can later work on optimizing the most time-consuming activities.

A fellow podcaster here speaking, well, writing? It helps me to thoroughly prepare for the entire process. Optimize your podcasting process. Start tracking time with TimeCamp today! A successful podcast requires precise components, both external and internal. And these comprise of a few specific elements. Every host of a podcast should pay attention to all of them. What will undoubtedly make the work easier is the 10 commandments of a good podcast.

Check them out and make sure you follow them to make your podcast successful! Good equipment is the number one rule in making a good podcast. The last tool will allow you to work on your material and make it sound perfect.

If the podcast is recorded, you can always add or cut out unnecessary parts. Consider also different podcast hosting options, choose the one offering highest quality and affordable pricing. You should know who you want your audience to be. Project managers, students, or maybe cat lovers?

It is a priority to aim your content at a particular group of people. By doing so, there is a higher chance of gaining fans and faithful listeners. It is also good to know what people expect from you to keep your show interesting. For example, if you have a podcast specific on cats, but are generally targeting pet fans, you might be able to get a lot of people to your podcast landing page only to bounce.

Know who you talk to. Make a research before recording the podcast to know all the details about your guest. A successful podcast should have a proper length. One of the podcasts hosting services, Omny Studio , collected data which shows that the longer the podcast, the less likely the listeners are to hear out the entire audio. The average length of a podcast should be between 15 to 30 minutes.

Be an active podcast host and try to go with the flow. The best podcasts are often those with spontaneous questions. Of course, not everyone will want to engage. Some people may not be as open as others and it can be difficult to create an engaging atmosphere, even if you try hard. Be an active listener. People will enjoy talking with you if they see you are interested in what they have to say. A good host should have excellent listening skills.

Also, be open not only to the guest but also to the audience and listen to its needs. Be prepared. Send them to your guest or talk them over before starting the recording session.

The plan also means to have a release schedule. Be consistent when it comes to publishing your content. It will also give you time for the preparation and processing of your next interview. Podcasts are fun! You can learn lots of new things from your guests, especially if they are famous influencers from the world of business. People will enjoy your podcasts as much as you enjoy them. Sometimes it may take days, weeks, or even months to master the art of making a good podcast. But the more you practice and record the interviews, the more experience you get.

And who knows, with time your podcast may become one of the best! Making a successful podcast may not always be easy. It requires much attention and engagement. But once you start doing it and accustom yourself with the world of podcasts, you will become the master of your kind! Ask friends and other podcasters for feedback and advice, work on your voice.

Be an eager podcast listener to learn from other experts. Very interesting reading, informative and well researched, however, why are there so many grammatical errors?

Yvonne, Thank you for your feedback, I appreciate it. The article got messy during publishing. Also, as a non-native speaker of the English language, I may have not mastered the art of writing perfectly. All the best! Kate at TimeCamp. Hi Jan! If you want to just speak on a topic, go for it. Hi, thanks for commenting! Audacity has very basic features and Adobe Audition is also ok.

Thank You. Hello, Zainab, Thank you for your comment. Because there are thousands of podcasts, it may be difficult to get through all of them, especially those most popular.

If your podcast covers interesting topics, people will want to listen to you. That way more people will know about you and your podcast. Good luck! Your email address will not be published. Save my name and email, in this browser for the next time I comment. January 11, by Kate Kurzawska 11 comments. Related posts Project Management 5 Best Podcasts for Project Managers Project management podcasts can be a great source of knowledge and inspiration both for professionals and those who make the first steps in the project management world.

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