How to install solaris 11

how to install solaris 11

Installation of Solaris 11-Step by step Guide

By admin. You can install Oracle Solaris 11 by using either an interactive or an automated installation. With an interactive installation, you have two options: The LiveCD for xbased systems. A text installer that can be used on either x86 or SPARC machines. These options are designed for installing the OS on a single system, whereas the automated installation option (commonly known as the Automated . Manually Installing an Oracle ® Solaris System November Describes how to use the text installer to install the current Oracle Solaris operating system.

Many of the Solaris beginners will be wondering that how to install Solaris Here you go with step by step guide. Solaris 11 has many advantages over Solaris 10 and will see those in upcoming days. Here i would like share the screen shots of Solaris 11 installation. Here i have selected keyboard layout as US-English Standard installation. Select preferred language here. Let me go with option 1 to install Solaris This is a welcome screen which you will get in How to stop self harm thoughts Note:In any window,press Sollaris to continue and Press F3 to go back to the previous screen.

Any time you can quit the installation by selecting F9. If solrais have multiple local disks,Select the disk to install OS. Here my root disk is c8t10d0. You can use TAB key to navigate in the screen. You have options to select alternative DNS.

Now its time to select your timezone. Timezone continues with location details. After system reboot, your system will boot what avril lavigne song is in cheers local hard disk and you will get wolaris console screen.

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Insert the DVD and power on the system. Once the system is boot up ,just press enter to get the below menu. I have choosen local disks. Here is the window to choose Name service. Time to secure you system by setting complex root password. Here you have option to create a new user as well.

If you do not have one,do not enter anything just continue. You will get summary screen now. The actual Installation begins here. All the files will copied to the local disks in this step. Once installation has been completed ,press F8 to reboot the system. You have completed the Solaris 11 installation. There must be some option to bring up the system into graphical.

You can also use the below method to configure the graphical login. But you need IPS to perform this. Thank you for reading this article. Please leave a comment if you have any comment. Comments i didnt get graphical window after installation. Regards Lingeswaran. Hi Lingesh, This is well explained, Got the desktop now.

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Installing and Updating Packages

In this lab, you will learn how to install the Oracle Solaris Image for Oracle VM VirtualBox—the easiest way to get up and running with Oracle Solaris Published April Prerequisites. This lab is the first is a series of labs for Oracle Solaris All of . Jun 11,  · You can install Solaris 11 on vmware workstation as guest operating system. DVD:sol_1-text-xiso. Installation kicks of Here. the DVD and power on the system. the system is boot up,just press enter to get the below menu. Jun 09,  · More videos like this online at this video we look at the options for install Oracle solaris 11 on the intel platform. With.

A lot has been already said on Solaris 11 new features, its performance etc.. So, I just wanted get my hands dirty by testing the new Solaris And what could be better than installing a Solaris 11 Virtual machine in virtual box. Here is how, you can also do it :.

Oracle virtualbox software. Oracle Solaris Let us setup a virtualbox virtual machine with solaris Open the virtualbox software and click on new. Now in case you want the virtual machine to be used in other virtualization softwares like VMware workstation etc. In case of a dynamically allocated hard drive file, space is filled only when some data is written to it. I usually prefer fixed size hard drive as it is faster than the other dynamically allocated hard drive.

Name the HDD file we are going to create. You can also choose the location to store the hard disk file. I will be setting the size of hard disk as 10 GB. We are almost done with all the settings. There are few more settings to be done, so click on settings. To be able to connect the Virtual machine from the host machine, select the bridged Adapter as the adapter 1 type and select the appropriate network hardware to be used from the host machine. You may be using a ethernet card in host machine, so select it appropriately.

For the first time boot of the virtual machine, we need to boot it from the solaris 11 text install ISO image. Select the ISO of solaris 11 and click start to start the installation. Now appears the Welcome screen of solaris We will be installing solaris 11 on the local disk so select Local Disk as a discovery selection.

The installer would discover the only hard disk we allocated for this installation. You can change the layout of the disk on the next screen. We would go with the default layout and use the entire disk. On the next screen give the hostname for the virtual machine geeklab and select manual configuration of the network configuration.

As shown you can configure network automatically using the DHCP as well. But for this LAB let us use the manual configuration itself.

On the next screen set the root password. Select a no proxy network configuration as we are not going to use any proxy settings to connect to the internet. Check the final installation summary and verify them to start the installation of Oracle Solaris Once the installation is complete we need to reboot the OS. Do remember to remove the ISO image from the virtual machine or else the installation would start again.

The OS would reboot and you can see the latest Solaris I hope the post was informative. Do subscribe to stay tuned to the latest happenings on the blog. You May Also Like.

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