How to cut wax blocks

how to cut wax blocks

How to Cut Beeswax Blocks

First, put a piece of damp paper towel under your cutting board to keep it from moving. A dry paper towel underneath the beeswax bar will help it keep from slipping and will give your cutting board some protection. Stick the knife into a section of beeswax near the edge and begin wiggling. Feb 20,  · For hard slabs I break with a hammer into pieces. With the soft waxes I use a butcher knife and whack off a piece. I also got some of those large sterlite containers to put a case of wax in them. So each time I open a new case of wax I place the slabs in the container to cut or whack off pieces so any stray slivers or lumps stay in the container.

Tools for cutting and carving wax come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Take into consideration the hardness of the wax you will cut when choosing any tool. Cut wax into various sizes for easier melting.

Carve wax as a hobby or art form. Etch into wax candles to add texture and design. Carve designs into modeling wax then cast them into metal if you are making jewelry. An electric knife that heats up slices through wax with cuh. The wax softens and melts as the knife slides downward. Electric wax cutting knifes are good for cutting hunks of wax. Hobby stores that sell candle or jewelry making supplies sell hot knife wax cutters. Use any sharp, sturdy knife to cut wax.

Hobby stores sell knives specifically for cutting wax but you don't need to purchase these. A knife with a thin, strong blade and hardy handle will work fine. Scalpels used as surgical instruments make excellent wax carving tools. Stores that sell surgical supplies sell scalpels as well. Wax saws found at hobby howw often come with a variety of blades. Stores also sell blades separately from saws. The type of wax and the wax thickness will determine what type of blade you should use.

Use thicker blades to cut large pieces of wax and smaller blades for more precise wax cuts. Wax saw blades differ from standard saw blades. Wax saw blades are round with spiral designs.

They also cut materials other than wax such as rubber, plastics and metal. Wax burs come in an assortment of shapes.

They fit into a bur handle the size of a large screwdriver handle. Burs bore through wax for wax carving and manipulation. Purchase burs in sets that provide different shapes of heads.

The fine points on dental instruments such how to make fire alarm stop chirping a dental pick make great hhow cutting tools. The various scrapers will make bloks cuts into wax. This is particularly good for etching. Purchase dental instruments at dental supply stores. Hobby stores and jewelry making supply outlets sell wax carving and picking tools that look just like dental instruments.

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Nov 02,  · This has been my favorite way to cut wax lately. Its easy and less messy. This is the best of both world. Where you have clean precise cuts like the crinkle. Some times I use a pruning saw to cut wax. The teeth usually cut a wide slot so that the wax does not build up on the saw. To remove the saw marks on the wax I mount my hand piece in a Foredom drill press. Place a large burr with teeth on the end in the hand piece. The table of the drill press can be adjusted up or down. The wax can.

I got a sample of the wax from clarus and it is in slab form. The is soft enough to use a long knife to cut pieces - it's the straight parafin you need a chainsaw for! I tried a hot knife once and it did not work as good as I thought it would.

I just use a big knife and push down. It is faster. I have a big knife that I use for my soft wax. I usually make my jar candles in lb increments, and I have gotten to where I can pretty much eyeball what will be a lb. I can usually get I usually cut up about lbs at a time so I have it - I wrap each lb in tinfoil to keep any dirt and dust off of it. If it's the hard paraffin, I usually just score in a couple places then hit it with a hammer a couple times.

MY hard slabs of paraffin get put in a plastic bag and then I put them at an angle, hold one side, the other on the concrete floor and just smack the middle. I smack them all until they fit in my pour pots and then the bag gets dumped into a plastic tub with a tight lid. For my containers I use , and that is easily cut with a paring knife into pieces to fit the pot. I break mine up with a large screw driver or ice pick.

Because it's cold here, the slabs break pretty easily. Just drive the object into the wax a couple of times and they break apart. For hard slabs I break with a hammer into pieces. With the soft waxes I use a butcher knife and whack off a piece. I also got some of those large sterlite containers to put a case of wax in them.

So each time I open a new case of wax I place the slabs in the container to cut or whack off pieces so any stray slivers or lumps stay in the container. That way I can also seal the container to keep contaminants out. Amen Sista!!!! My dog hides when I am breaking up hard paraffin wax. I remember when I first moved into our house, our neighborhood has a high volume of police officers living in it.

Step out my front door and I have 6 neighbors that are in the police force. Anyway the neighbor directly to our right is SWAT, and I used to take my slab in the summer out to the driveway and drop from about 4 feet up. Well, it gives a loud bang that echos.

I did that once when Jim was home and in his full uni, and he came around the corner, stalking, hand on gun, screaming at me to get down. Scared the living shit out of me because I had obviously scared the crap out of him. Needless to say I no longer do that. I also place the slab at an angle up against something. I tap it with a hammer right in the middle and it normally crumbles into big enough pieces to go in my presto pot!

I have the comfort blend container of wax 25lbs. It came in a block rather than shaved what is the easiest way to break up or have shaved? You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead.

Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted February 20, How does everyone go about cutting up their slabs of wax? Link to post Share on other sites. Jcandleattic 3, Posted February 20, TallTayl 7, Posted February 20, Hard wax i drop on a concrete floor woth force.

Soft wax i use a wire to pull through. Chefmom Posted February 20, Scented Posted February 20, Candybee 4, Posted February 20, Thanks everyone! Posted February 22, I used a 8" knife and the cut with relative ease.

Guest OldGlory Posted February 23, Posted February 23, Hammer and chisel. Jcandleattic 3, Posted February 23, Candybee 4, Posted February 23, Hey, it's a great way to diffuse some emotion! HillzRAlive 13 Posted March 16, Posted March 16, Posted March Join the conversation You can post now and register later. Reply to this topic Insert image from URL.

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