How to convert cable clutch to hydraulic

how to convert cable clutch to hydraulic

Cable vs. Hydraulic Clutch—What’s the Difference?

Sep 06,  · I made this video to show you how to convert your Vic from cable to hydraulic clutch. It's a very straight forward install in terms of removing the old and installing the new. The instructions Victory provides with the conversion kit are pretty easy to follow except for trying to see the illustration on the cable routing too well. Nov 29,  · The clutch pedal is designed to pull so when you depress it the top gets further from the firewall not closer. Check and see if anyone makes a hydraulic conversion kit for a Foxbody, they use a cable clutch.

For EJ models, its pretty straightforward, except that you have to separate the transmission to replace hydrauulic few things. My knowledge applies to EJ-based models only. Got a Loyale or a Brat? However, you can use the hill-holder system from the Forester if you want to implement that system, its a bit different than on the cable models though. NOTE : make sure your transmission has the clutfh holes to install a hydro clutch slave cylinder.

You really only need these parts:. Locate a horizontal diamond-shaped rubber plug on the firewall. Approximately hydraullc the gas pedal.

Remove the plug and cut a matching hole in the insulating mat inside the car. Install the hydro pedal box, routing it up behind the gas pedal and through the new holes you exposed.

Should bolt up to the brake master cylinder. Separate the transmission from the engine, remove the old fork and throwout bearing. Move the pivot ball to the other threaded spot. Then install hydro fork and throwout bearing with the right clips. Make sure you put some grease on the fork pivot ho. Re-mate the transmission as normal. Bleed fluid properly. This is KEY. Worst case scenario if you sourced used parts ro that the slave cylinder is bad.

Get a push-style clutch and flywheel that can hold more power. Or you could do an ACT for a 2. Even a 6spd? Everything else back to the pedals is the same. Models that came with cable clutch: xonvert Impreza 1. Remove existing cable and pedal box. Should bolt how to write a work cited in mla format to the brake master cylinder 4. Fit the clutch master cylinder onto the studs through the firewall from the pedal box.

Caveats and wildcards: - Keeping a push-style transmission but want more power?

Why would a manufacturer or a rider choose one over the other?

Jul 15,  · doing a conversion on the car and the gearbox i have fitted requires a hydraulic setup but the car has a cable set up, now i cant fit a hydraulic pedal box to this car what i was going to do was modify a hydraulic handbrake lever to take a cable that would in turn operate the clutch cylinder just wondering if any of ye guys have any ideas or. Converting cable clutch to hydraulic Adding '+' signs doesn't seem to work, any ideas. I have a short bell in a T and want want to convert it to hydraulic, maybe with the addition of a remote servo if at first the conversion doesn't provide the 'easy action' I'm looking for. Jul 24,  · Alongside doing many other modifications/upgrades to my beastly turbo vr v6 commodore ute, I finally decided to convert my T5 with thr crappy old heavy cable.

As the KE70 Corolla came with a cable clutch setup from factory, If you wish to run a gearbox that requires a Hydraulic Clutch you need to convert the clutch setup. This is usually done for a 4K to 4AGE conversion. The easiest way is by fitting the pedal box and clutch setup from an AE71 corolla as it is a direct swap Just requires you to drill the hole in the firewall to fit the clutch master cylinder.

Don't be fooled that it is a quick swap as you have to pull half the dash apart to swap the pedal box. Back to Upgrades. Back to Main Page. Jump to: navigation , search. Note: An AE86 pedal box can be modified to fit too, But there is more mucking around involved..

Few suggestions from my experience from this swap, a Cut out the holes before you paint the engine bay or you will have to make a plate out of sheetmetal to cover where the paint bubbles from the heat like had to do.

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