How to compress a mp4 video on a mac

how to compress a mp4 video on a mac

How to compress a video on Mac

Feb 20,  · Compress Video Step 1: Launch the QuickTime Pro app on your Mac system. From the File tab, click on Open File option to choose MP4 Step 2: Next, click on File > Export. A new window will open from where select Movie to QuickTime Movie . Sep 25,  · Open the QuickTimePlayer app on your Mac. Navigate to the video that you want to compress and open it. From the app’s ribbon menu, select File > Export As. Here you’ll get a variety of options to choose from, like exporting your file in 4K, p, p, p, or exporting audio Anya Zhukova.

I'm looking for a way to compress them without compromising the quality. How can I do that? Running out of storage space on laptop is a problem that bothers a lot of laptop users. And videos are one of the most common kinds of data on your hard drive. MP4 is one of the most popular video container formats and it's used by a lot of smartphones to store recorded videos. If you want to make room on your hard drive, compressing those MP4 videos is actually a valid idea as you can still keep the MP4 videos while making more space available on vidso hard drive.

So in this post I x show you how to compress MP4 on Mac in 2 different ways. To compress MP4 Mac users could consider using a video converter. The reason why you can use a video converter as a video compressor is that it allows you to change the parameters of the video like resolution or frame rate that could decide the size of the video. So if you can change those parameters, you would be able to make the video smaller.

To compress MP4 file Mac does have a lot of programs that can do that. And it enables you to adjust the parameters of your MP4 video recordings, thus allowing you to be able to easily compress your MP4 videos.

Note: Leawo Video Converter was integrated into a software package called Prof. Media, which you would find out after the installation.

Open Prof. Media and on the interface, find the Video Converter tab and click on it to launch the Video Converter module. Or you can do so by clicking the Convert button at the top. After launching the video converter module, you can start to import your MP4 videos to the program.

You can do so by clicking the Add Video button in the top left-hand corner or directly dragging and dropping the MP4 videos to the interface of the program. There is a what plug adapter do i need for italy that locates to the right side of the green Convert button. It shows you the default output format on it, so let's call it the Format button.

Click on it and then a how to become a freemason in florida menu would appear. Click on the Change button in the middle and you will open the Profile page where all the supported output video and audio formats are listed.

Find the ideal output format you need, select it and click the OK button to set it as the default output format and go back to the interface. This step is crucial to the outcome of the compression. Hiw on the Format button mentioned above and then on the following menu, click on the Edit button on the left side and you will open Profile Settings page where you can adjust and optimize the video and audio parameters of your MP4 videos.

To videl the video smaller, mwc can change video parameters like resolution, frame rate and bit rate and audio glass fiber filter paper whatman like bit rate and sample rate.

When you are done tweaking the video, click on the OK button to return to the file list. To start compressing your videos, click the green Convert button mentioned above. A sidebar would come out from the right side of the file list. The option maac under the Save to tag shows you the default output format. To change that, click the "…" button next to it. To start compressing your MP4 videos, click that Convert button at the bottom.

But it's not the only choice to go with when you try how to become a mason in texas compress a MP4 video on Mac. Actually, if you don't have much MP4 videos to compress, I would recommend that you use an online video converter. As some of you might not know, you can actually convert a video online. What's great about an online video converter is that you don't have to install a program on your computer or pay for it when trying to convert or what is a barbers salary a video.

But whether an online video converter is valid idea for compressing your MP4 video depends oh how much MP4 videos you want to compress and how big are those MP4 videos.

Note that comprress will have to conpress your video to the website first when you try to compress a video and when it's done, you will have to download it to your computer.

If you are talking about compressing an MP4 video or a certain number of MP4 videos in large size, then I would recommend that you use Leawo Video Converter for Mac as it would definitely be the better choice here.

Here I would show you how to compress a MP4 video with an online video converter. I'll be using onlinevideoconverter throughout the instructions below. Click to open onlinevideoconverter's official website. Or you can google online video converter and click on the first result.

Click on the Format option box and then select one video format as the default output format. Click on More Settings from below and click on Video Quality. On the drop-down menu, select the ideal quality level for the output video. When it finishes compressing the video, you will be redirected to the download page for downloading the compressed video.

Click the Download button to download the compressed video to your computer. That's how to compress MP4 on Mac with 2 different ways. You can decide which one to go with according to your own needs.

And it shouldn't be hard to make a decision between the two ti offered above. Free download Leawo. Download Download. How to Trim Audio in PowerPoint? Hot Topic. Hot products Prof. DRM V2. DRM for Mac V2. All Transactions are protected! Join Our Newsletter:.

Part 1. Quick Way to Compress MP4 on Mac (Newly macOS 10.14 Supported)

Once you have Handbrake downloaded and installed in your Applications folder, you can follow these steps to compress a video: Open Handbrake. In the popup window, navigate to your video and click Open. At the top, you can choose from one of the Presets in the . Dec 18,  · UniConverter is a great video compressor that can help you compress a video on Mac by changing bit rate, video resolution, file size, frame rate, etc. It supports MP4, MOV, WMV, FLV, AVI, MPG and 1,+ formats for conversion. Just download and install it . Jan 27,  · You can hit on Target Format, select MP4 HEVC, and click on Run to active VideoProc compress your video file on Mac. From our test, it is possible to compress the video size by over 90%. With the support of GPU acceleration, the whole process costs only minutes.

Let's face it! MP4, even as the most popular format for YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion for sharing, you feel frustrated about the ultra slow uploading speed because your video files too large to upload. Take iPhone video as an example:. Therefore, sometimes you will come across MP4 videos with size that's too large to be uploaded online or stored in mobiles. Well, can you compress MP4 on Mac? In general, the better quality the video means larger size.

You can't compress MP4 videos with zero quality loss, but here one of the most sought-after MP4 shrinkers that is capable to dramatically make MP4 video size smaller with the highest quality.

Before we start, get the right compression software. Free download the Mac version Free download the Windows version. Select the output format you desire. To help you freely shrink MP4 video size on Mac, below we will show you the sizes of different video formats for the same second video :. You are also allowed to adjust the video parameters, like Resolution and Bit Rate to make the MP4 video file smaller. Generally, frame rate and frame size don't much affect the file size.

Normally, the smaller file you want, the lower bit rate you should choose. The video editing features will also help reduce MP4 video size. Click the Edit button with a scissor icon to enter into the editing window. You can trim the video length to remove unnecessary parts from the clip, or cut out unwanted black bars or scenes to further shrink the MP4 video. Just a fraction of mins, you can get the downsized MP4 video file with no quality sacrificing.

To shrink MP4 files for uploading to online video sharing website, this resizer is especially designed with a thoughtful web video profile, in which you can opt for shrinking MP4 to YouTube , or Facebook, Vimeo and other general video format with optimal file size offered for you. Apart from being such an unparalleled video size converter, it also astonishes you at its reliable ability to download and convert both SD and HD 4K video from YouTube at a lightning speed meanwhile keeping optimum video quality.

Plus, its other features like recording screen video, making photo slideshow video, editing video and more, cause your eyebrows to raise, as well. In addition to editing videos, iMovie will also save footages in different resolutions with different sizes, namely 4k, P, P and P. To compress a MP4 video with iMovie , first, trim and crop the video using iMovie's editing features, then select an output option.

Note: with Mac's default MP4 video compressor, you cannot control the output freely. You're limited to the few available options only. Handbrake serves as a free MP4 compressor for Mac. You can easily adjust the video codecs, bitrate, quality, audio settings to resize the MP4 video.

Besides, there are also functions to crop the video and adjust the size. You're also allowed to compress MP4 H. Note : Handbrake lets you compress video to H. It won't support other video formats. VideoSmaller is a very convenient online site that offers online MP4 compression service. Simply select the video from local computer and click upload, it will automatically compress the video with an output size and compression ratio displaed.

Then you just need to download the compressed file. Note : This online MP4 video compressor is extremely useful for compressing a short footage. As you can see, it accepts a maximum of MB. And during the compression task, you will have no control on your video. After you load your MP4 video, choose "Export" and there are options available for you to downsize MP4 file.

The compression features include video codec H or HEVC , quality 5 levels: least, low, medium, high, best , frame rate, key frames and size options a couple of size standards. You just need to make choice and wait. Then your resulting MP4 file will be produced with smaller size. Certainly, the output quality will be affected to some extent. Don't overdo the compression. Below we have a small tests on the four MP4 video compressors to show their performances. As for the compression ratio, MacX and Handbrake are the leading runners.

And their speeds are quite fast too. Even at its lowest P, it's output size are still times larger than the first two Mac Mp4 compression software. VideoSmaller crashese every time I add a 4K video. When I test a P on the site, it gives me a Still have any problem on how to compress MP4 videos on macOS for uploading, storage etc.

Digiarty Software, Inc. MacXDVD is a leader in delivering stable multimedia software applications for worldwide users since its establishment in It has complete video setting options to adjust the resolutions, bit rate, video codecs, quality etc. Various editing features can trim the video length, remove unwanted parts, to help decrease video size and customize videos. Download for PC Download for Mac.

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