How to choose between two lovers

how to choose between two lovers

Torn Between Two Lovers? The Spiritual Path to Choosing Both

Torn Between Two Lovers? The Spiritual Path to Choosing Both. By Tim Ward. Have you ever found yourself loving more than one person and feeling the pressure to make a choice? Most of us don't question the basic social structure of monogamy. Whether or not inside of marriage, falling in love with more than one person is usually condemned as. Jan 16,  · Steps to follow: 1 In order to decide between two lovers, you should first make a list of positive and negative aspects about each of them. Rate how they behave in different situations and assess what is most important to you.

Sometimes an ex comes back when you are already in a relationship and you decide to keep two or more lovers. Soon, however, many are caught with the reality of their dangerous game and worry about how to choose between two lovers.

Love is a verb but not emotions. If you love somebody, it is about finding a need in the other person and feeling privileged to make the person better. This means how to start a gas generator can love two or more people at a time. For each of them, there will be something unique that draws him to you.

Each makes you happy in different ways. You must, however, appreciate the fact that it is difficult to love two people dearly at the same time. Your resources will not allow you to do this efficiently.

Many love two how to go back to sleep after a nightmare more people out of greed.

Many men want variety just for the fun of it. Many women want personal benefit. It is common to hear of women with two boyfriends. One usually a sugar daddy who takes care of personal needs such as a mobile phone, accommodation, food and clothes. The other usually in her peer group, takes cares of her emotional and social needs such as sex and outings.

Some people already in a relationship meet others who appear to have something different and perhaps better than their current lovers. They are tempted to enjoy the good qualities of the two. It is, however, important to keep to one lover at a time. It is difficult to be in a relationship with one person. If you are in a relationship with more than one person, it is more difficult.

If emotions are involved, it becomes complex because when you are madly in love, you find it difficult to think logically.

Consider qualities such as mutual understanding, honesty, commitment, appreciation, hard work, tolerance, fairness and a forgiving spirit.

Consider qualities such as substance abuse, selfishness, abuse, inequality, intolerance and immorality. Find which has more of the good qualities. What is makka madina in hindi all, ensure that your relationship has a future, not just for fun. You should have a lot in common.

Decide on one and stick to him or her. Forget the rest and cut all contacts. Sometimes you wish you had someone who had a combination of all the qualities you want but you are not dealing with angels but imperfect human beings. No two people are the same. We all have our strengths and our weaknesses. It is common to find people attracted to others who have opposite qualities. A quiet person may be attracted to a talkative.

The problem is that in the end opposite qualities clash and put a relationship at risk. It could be embarrassing and difficult to find yourself between two lovers. Choosing is always a problem. You think about what might happen with the other but remember you could equally be happy with either of them if you show honesty, commitment and a forgiving spirit.

Decide quickly to decide on a single lover. Having two lovers is not fair to you or anyone. A delay may cost you both if they get to know you are dating both of them. You have to lie and again lie to cover up lies till how to cook butterfly chicken on bbq explodes when you least expect it.

Akans say if you look through a bottle with both eyes, everything becomes blurred. There is nothing more fulfilling in life than to have only one person for yourself and to yourself. Anything more than two erodes commitment and trust. It is no longer friendship but company that may explode in your face.

The message is simple; keep one lover at a time. Choosing between two lovers Date: Aug - 31 - BY: Dr John Boakye. Category: Life. Love is strange. Today we hear of ridiculous stories such as a man in a relationship with a woman and her biological daughter, a woman in a relationship with a co-worker and her boss. Prev Next.

May 30,  · Today we hear of ridiculous stories such as a man in a relationship with a woman and her biological daughter, a woman in a relationship with a co-worker and her boss. • Know yourself and know what you want in a relationship, characters and personalities that . Sep 01,  · Although Maddie and Jorge's situations are clearly different — an affair versus dating — there is a common thread: Both are at a crossroads in their love lives, needing to make a difficult.

Not many people will be faced with the decision to choose between two people they really like. Or not, because this will be a very hard choice to make. This will be a major decision, so make sure to think through things deeply.

Well, you have really strong feelings for both people. Make sure you really, really know each of them at their core. Know the one thing they hate most in the entire world. You should have a really deep sense of knowing each of them. Only then can you fairly choose the right person. And think about it hard. Probably not. So think long and hard about what you want for your future.

Judge this as if you were blind but still had the same feelings for each person. Does your personality change with one person but not the other? Are you able to be more of yourself around one of them?

Also pay attention to what your personality is like with each. Are your happier and laugh easier with one? How are each of the relationships? You might not be in an exclusive relationship with either but you still have a certain dynamic with them. If you have a really fun, light-hearted nature with one but a more serious, lusty dynamic with the other, go for the fun one. Chances are, you might have a lot of strong sexual chemistry with the other one, but can you kick back and have a really good time?

Get your friends together and ask for their opinions. No, not on the guys, but who you seem better with. Ask who you end up talking about more and get an outside opinion on how you act with both because your friends can see more clearly than you can. Have them help you. You need someone whose life is very much like your own.

Does one of them want to go out and do the things you do regularly while another would prefer to skip those things and do something they like? Which of the two would mesh well in your family? Does one person clearly stand out? You might want to think about choosing that person if your family is a major part of your life. You need to know where both people stand on serious issues. You need to know if your morals and values line up. Get to know theirs and choose wisely. You might feel a little weird about it.

But which person do you feel the most guilty about when spending time with the other? Who are you most excited to see? Obviously, the person you anticipate seeing more is the person you care about more.

I know this sounds like the worst advice, but hear me out. If you assign one guy to heads and the others to tails, flip the coin and see who wins. Then decide how you feel. Are you relieved or disappointed? Being torn between two lovers is never easy. Liked what you just read? E-mail to:. Your Name:. Your Email:. Personalized Message:. You might find yourself torn between two lovers and in need of some help. Sign up. By Bella Pope.

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