How to change my voice during a call

how to change my voice during a call

Voice Changer App – Change Voice During Calls

Nov 17,  · Apps To Change Voice During Live Call. Open Google Play Store and search for the “MagicCall – Voice Changer, Prank Dial, funny call” app or click here. Install the app. After you are done with the installation, open the app. Now tap on the “ REGISTER ” icon to . Firstly, start the application in your phone and register it with your mobile number. You will be listed all the different voices which can be changed during call. Now you can select any voice and make a call to your friend. Before making the call, you can check the voice quality by clicking on Test as show below.

We all have a funny side hidden deep within us. And we have to tell you that in few and far between, you must unleash your fun-loving personality too! You can do many benign and harmless fun-based activities for that. And if those include a tad bit of technological intervention, then decidedly the fun quotient is going to skyrocket. One such way is to change your voice during a call, maybe male to female, vice versa or any other voice.

It would be hilariously interesting to call someone with a changed voice and listen to the priceless reactions of our friends at that changed voice. You can easily change voice during a phone call with the help of any handy voice changer app.

Here are the best ones. Note: You can make a call with the female voice for free, for other voices you need to make a purchase.

Note: This app lets you call with the changed voice for only 2 minutes. The In-app purchase lets you get rid of it. You can jumpstart right away with these call voice changer apps and share your experience in the comments section below.

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Mar 20,  · You will need two phones: 1 - your regular phone that receives the incoming call. 2 - any other phone or tablet that has the Call Voice Changer app. It may be without Sim but it should be connected to the internet. Step 1. Answer the call and immediately click on Mute. Step 2. Call Voice Changer – IntCall. Call Voice Changer comes second in the list of voice changer calling apps. This app offers you an inbuilt keypad, from where you can dial desired contact and change your voice in the preset voice effects to fool them. Voice Changer while Calling. A true voice changer while calling is a software that can satisfyingly change your voice in real time, while talking on Skype, Discord, any other online chat program and even real iPhone calls. Voice Changer while Calling. The real voice changer software that I strongly recommend (because it satisfies me the most) is called Voice Changer Software Diamond.

Post a Comment. Voice Changer while Calling. Additionally, you will see more presets in the Equalizer panel plus the ones used regularly in Make-ups, you will a quiet amount of presets to choose. This is like the decorations to your dish, making it more attractive and increase the appetite of the person who is gonna hear your call. There are a huge library of background effects to choose, and honestly, each and everyone of them is just worthwhile to try.

Anyway, isn't it a good idea to know what you have? This is definitely not an average program that can only change your voice during call. Because it has many other features to assist voice changing tasks. Normally, when you talk, the software processes your voice immediately and send the new voice to the other side.

They will only hear the changed voice with effects if you want to. But don't tell me, you use a voice changer software for only one purpose, which is to change voice on call?

No, the fun is not limited like that. Believe me, changing your voice during call is fun and all, but can you do it a hundred times, day after day without getting bored?

That's why, many users, including me, want to find a way to have more fun with the voices. That's when we turn to finding a solution to record the changed voices into an audio files.

And in this case, not just a small recording, you can also make a whole audio book with different voices and effects with Voice Changer Software Diamond. This software has the power to freely custom your voice, add effects to the vocal, add some good background sounds, record and create audio files and then last but not least, convert audio formats.

This is a whole process with only one software. The bonus features are actually very convenient! Voice Changer Software Diamond integrates a voice recorder to the software.

But don't think it's just a normal one. This one can record your voice with normal voice or changed voice , based on your choice. Did you know? Reading to this, are you worrying that it will be complicated? Not at all! I remember the first time trying this, I made a simple audio file with the voice of Darth Vader, plus breathing sound, a little squeaky footsteps background, along with some cool good-bye lines for my friend as she is about to leave the city.

She was stunned and really loved it. Well, I also think my gift is way so cool, too. And now, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the feature that I like second-most: File Morpher. Although my most favorite feature is the ability to change your voice during call, this feature is also so great that I use even more often than voice changing.

And according to Audio4fun's website, this feature is voted by users to be the most favorite one. Of course there is a reason, let me explain.

This is the one to do the job. In the File Morpher feature's interface, you will not find the tool to morph vocal. So, how do we do that? File Morpher will conveniently use the settings of the voice changer, including Pitch-Timbre graph, Voice Effects, Background Effects to make changes to the audio files as you wish.

Therefore, it will be very versatile when you modify the original vocal in the audio file, you can also hear the new voice before processing into a new file. Each step is done by a separated pro function, which can ensure the best quality and best user experience.

By the way, do you see the two sliders in the photo? They are the Volume Booster and Tempo Morpher. Your audio is too small even though you increase the volume to maximum in both PC and speakers? Use Volume Booster. You audio is too slow or too fast? Use Tempo Mopher. Honestly, I strongly believe that converting is one of the must-have feature when you are working with audio tasks.

In this case, Voice Changer Software Diamond can also convert audio format, in batches. It means that you can really process many files at the same time, converting files with supported formats:.

Voice Changer Software Diamond to convert audio format There are a few more features, but in my opinion, the functions I mentioned above are already enough to change your voice during call and make some fun audio files to remember.

However, if you are still curious about this software's other features, please visit: Voice Changer Software Diamond I bet that it's gonna be fun to try and have some calls, especially with an example: change male voice to female to prank your friends and family. Besides, here is the list of other tutorials that you will like: 3 - Collection of Voice Changer while calling tutorials - Change voice in Google Meet - Voice changer for Discord.

On the other hand, there are also two more lists of voice changer tutorials that I know you will also like:. Tutorials collection: Funny Voices. With this list, you will find the tutorials on how to change your voice to Obama, Morgan Freeman, celebrity voices and many others. Tutorials collection: Voice Changer Tips. In here, you will find more in-depth tutorials about how to use a voice changer on PC. You will know how to use different features on Voice Changer Software Diamond, add effects to your voice, get higher quality in using voice changer during call, and many more.

Email This BlogThis! No comments:. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. To me, Voice Changer Software Diamond is the most complete tool in the market. Voice Changer Software Diamond with Make-ups. You see those settings? So many to explore. Voice Changer Software Diamond with background effects.

Record audio in many voices? This is perfect! Voice Changer Software Diamond to convert audio format.

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