How to build a motorcycle tent trailer

how to build a motorcycle tent trailer

How to build a Professional Homemade Pull-Behind Motorcycle Cargo Trailer

Apr 12,  · Measure the floor of the trailer and mark the dimensions on a sheet of plywood using a tape measure and pencil. Cut the plywood with a power saw along the dimensions you created. Discard the excess wood. Place the rectangular sheet of plywood onto the trailer. Building a motorcycle cargo trailer is not as complicated as its seems. When broken down into its most basic components, it’s only a frame on two wheels attached to the back of a motorcycle. Making it look good, is where it gets a little tricky. For the purpose of this article, I’m going to stick to function over form.

Building a motorcycle cargo trailer is not as complicated as its seems. Making it look good, is where it gets a little tricky. However, the completed project will look great at a small fraction of what a retail trailer would cost. The Framework. The Framework, while important, will not be visible. Measure how much does it cost to replace a steering rack the two corners opposite the tongue, to the tip of the tongue.

Pic: This trailer weighs lbs empty and has 29lbs of tongue weight. Trxiler includes the spare tire, cooler rack, and any gear that is stored inside. At this point a choice between a spring-axle and a torsion axle is to be made. I have tested and owned both and I prefer torsion axles. They ride smoother and quieter than springs.

Generally the trailers also sit lower to the ground which improves on wind resistance and usable space. Torsion axles, independent or full, also last longer than spring systems because there are almost no moving traier. Now the down side. Torsions cost more and are not as serviceable if they fail. Wheel — to —wheel Span.

These are my own personal riding preferences, yours will be different. A flat deck is easy and possibly the cheapest way to go. A flat surface allows for strapping anything down, tents, coolers, and gear. However, no security or weather tight storage come with a flat deck. Wood or steel, the surface should be finished with a waterproof sealant or paint.

I have also seen motorcycle cargo trailers with a manufactured wood deck. This tongue and groove decking looks sharp and is maintenance free. For a such a small surface area, the price between the 2 options is small. Attaching an enclose to the frame can dress up that homemade job in a hurry. From refrigerators to whiskey barrels and yes, that is grandma in a wheelchairoptions are only limited by the what are the effects of domestic abuse. One of my own trailers and favorites is what is a torso measurement banner on this page, a split wooden 50 gallon whiskey barrel.

A cheaper option is securing a minivan storage bin the kind that you see strapped to the roof of a minivan to the frame. They can usually be found at a home improvement or tractor supply stores. A hitch, chains, lights, and tires. Opting for a chrome hitch and chains can give that bland looking deck go a nice shine. For the fiberglass trailers, its does not motorycle the trailer justice to cheap out on how to build a motorcycle tent trailer. A few nice looking LED lights, and you are almost ready.

Ok, I hope this was helpful. If you found it useful, please share it along. Ride Safe and Get Lost. Tags: How-toMotorcycle cargo trailerPull behind motorcycle trailer. There are infinite combinations of layouts and steel. Here are 3 that work great. Tongue Weight: The amount of force to lift the hitch to a level position. Wheel Base: Wheel — to —wheel Span.

Onward with Torsion Axles. A few resources are provided at the bottom Enclosure or decking? Take a look at some of these creative boxes and get some inspiration. You Do. To chain, or not to chain. Ways to ride more. Here are some more pieces to the puzzle: Ok, I hope this motorcgcle helpful. Share this Post: Twitter Facebook Reddit.


Feb 4, - Have you been thinking about building a DIY camping trailer for your motorcycle?

A motorcycle camper trailer is often called a teardrop trailer due to its teardrop design, which makes it aerodynamic. A motorcycle camper trailer is only large enough to sleep in, and may have a small kitchen in the rear for cooking. Building a motorcycle camper is a challenging task, but allows you to design a trailer that is ideal for your motorcycle, and one that offers all the features you need, such as solar connectivity or an electrical system.

Determine your motorcycle's towing capacity. The capacity may be listed somewhere on the rear of the bike or in the paperwork that came with it. Contact the manufacturer and inquire about your model's capacity. Using a trailer that exceeds your motorcycle's towing weight may cause you to crash, or cause damage to your bike. Purchase a trailer that is lightweight and closest to your required dimensions without being too small.

For example: purchase a 4-foot by 8-foot trailer if you require a little more than 6 foot in length. Make sure the trailer is rated to handle the weight of the frame you're going to build on top of it, plus any weight added to it, such as batteries or water jugs. Measure the floor of the trailer and mark the dimensions on a sheet of plywood using a tape measure and pencil. Cut the plywood with a power saw along the dimensions you created.

Discard the excess wood. Place the rectangular sheet of plywood onto the trailer. Insert a pencil through the bolt hole in the bottom of the frame to mark the hole's location on the plywood. Repeat this process with the rest of the holes, then remove the plywood.

Drill a hole through each mark on the plywood using a drill bit the diameter of the bolt holes on the trailer frame. Place the plywood onto the trailer. Insert a bolt with a washer through one of the holes and tighten it in place with a nut and socket wrench. Repeat with the rest of the holes. Trim a sheet of OSB board to the length of your trailer. If your trailer is 8 feet long, for example, trim the OSB board using a power saw to 8 feet in length. Draw a camper shell pattern from one end of the OSB board to the other, then cut it out with a jigsaw.

This will be one of the side walls of the motorcycle camper. Cut the second sheet of OSB board along the traced line. This is the second camper wall; it should be identical to the first wall. Measure a door on one of the sheets of OSB board and mark the dimensions with a pencil. Cut the door free with a power saw. Set that piece of wood aside; you'll attach it to the camper with hinges after the wall is mounted.

Mount the walls to the side of the trailer using bolts, washers and nuts. Seal any gaps between the walls and trailer frame with silicone. Measure the distance between the two side walls; mark that distance on a sheet of OSB board. Trim the OSB board down to that width using a power saw. Cut the OSB board into sections and mount those sections onto the edges of the side walls to form a roof.

Screw them into place, then fill the gaps with wood glue for extra strength. Allow to dry, then inspect for any gaps you might have missed. Fill those gaps with silicone and allow to dry. Sand the camper with a power sander to remove splinters and sharp edges. Wipe the wood with a damp cloth to remove wood dust. Paint or spray the camper with wood sealant. Allow to dry. Screw hinges onto the section of OSB board you removed to form the door.

Mount the door onto the door frame on the sidewall. Run weatherstripping with adhesive along the edges of the door so that it forms a seal when closed. Add a locking knob and latch following the instructions that came with the device.

Glue a 2-inch foam pad to the floor inside the camper, or fit an exercise mat into place. Screw an LED battery-powered light to the wall inside the camper.

Add an air vent to the wall if necessary for your climate; simply purchase an air vent, trim a hole in the side of the camper with a jigsaw, and mount the vent in the hole. Seal the edges with silicone. Based in New England, Quinn Marshall began her writing career in She was a featured writer for Laptop Logic and contributes to publications such as "Smashing Magazine.

By: Quinn Marshall Updated April 12, Share It. Things You'll Need.

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