How far apart to place bluebird houses

how far apart to place bluebird houses

Where to Place Bluebird Houses

How Far Apart Should Bluebird Houses Be? Evenly Spacing Bluebird Houses. Several factors determine how close bluebirds nest to each other, such as habitat Pairing Bluebird Houses. Tree swallows will chase bluebirds away if only one birdhouse . Nov 22,  · Bluebird houses should be spaced at least yards apart so that mating pairs can maintain their territories without stress. High Enough to Avoid Predators Bluebird houses should be mounted 4 to 6 feet above the ground.

Sixteen years ago, I built my first bluebird house. After building it, I placed the nest box in my backyard, about 30 feet away from our dining how to cook eye of round roast in oven window. I mounted it so close to the window because I wanted to be able to watch the bluebirds as they discovered the nest box, built their nest, fed their young, etc. My nest box location worked out, and I attracted my first pair of bluebirds that spring!

But, there are actually some best practices when it comes to where to place a bluebird house that I was originally ignorant of. You should place your bluebird house in an open, sunny area where there is plenty of short grass where bluebirds can catch insects.

Mount how to use adobe professional nest box at least five feet off the ground to deter climbing predators and at least 50 feet away from brushy or wooded areas to avoid competition from house wrens. That is the short and sweet answer for what is led flash for alerts on iphone 5 to place a bluebird house.

If you follow the above guidelines, you should be OK. However, there are a few more questions you might want to take into consideration as you decide on a nest box location. For example:. So, they prefer to nest in sunny, open areas with lots of short grass where they can catch their prey. Try placing it on the edge of your property overlooking the rest of your backyard, if possible. Each yard is different, so do whatever works for you. Just remember that placing the nest box in and around an open area will be important for attracting bluebirds.

Bluebirds love to hunt from low perches. They will hang out on fence posts, small trees, shrubs, and low tree branches just waiting to spot an insect. So, bluebirds will be highly attracted to your yard if they have somewhere to perch.

My old neighbor had a fence row that my bluebirds loved to hunt from. Luckily it was right next to the spot I placed my bluebird house, so their yard made my nest box location extra attractive. If a bluebird house is too low, predators like snakes, raccoons, and cats might be more tempted to reach into the box. To avoid this, mount your bluebird house at least five feet off the ground to deter climbing predators.

A good rule-of-thumb when setting up your nest box is to mount it with the entrance hole at eye-level. This is a good way to keep the box about five feet off the ground. But, five feet off the ground is a good starting point for deterring crawling predators. To further deter predators, mount your nest box on a metal pole, and consider installing a stovepipe-style baffle under the nest box.

Click here to read more about stovepipe-style baffles on my Recommended Tools page. It is important to place your bluebird house at least feet away from brushy or heavily-wooded areas to avoid competition with house wrens. For a little background information on house wrens: house wrens are a native, cavity-nesting bird in North America, just like bluebirds.

Unfortunately, house wrens tend to be very territorial, and they regularly destroy bluebird eggs and nestlings when they perceive that they are competing with bluebirds for a nesting location. Since house wrens are a protected species in the US, and you cannot legally remove house wren nests from your bluebird houses, your best option is to avoid their preferred territory — brushy and wooded areas.

So, if your property is on the edge of the woods, or if you have a brushy patch of land, make sure to place your bluebird house at least 50 feet away, feet away to be safe. If you end up having persistent problems with house wrens competing for your bluebird houses, try following some of the suggestions I wrote in this article: How to Keep House Wrens Out of Bluebird Houses click here to read the article.

Another important thing to keep in mind when putting up your bluebird house, is to keep it away from buildings, like houses and barns. Therefor, house sparrows will naturally be attracted to your nest box if you place it next to a barn or too close to a house. So, set your bluebirds up for success from the outset and place your bluebird house in an open how to make a wind up clock, a good distance away from these types of buildings.

Ultimately, if you need to mount your bluebird house close to your home, go ahead and do it. My first bluebird house was actually close to my house I mentioned it was about 30 feet from our dining room window. For whatever reason, this location worked out, and we never had major issues with house sparrows at that spot.

Bluebirds primarily prefer nest boxes that face east, north, south, then west — in descending order of preference source. Just keep in mind how much wind and sun your nest box will receive in its particular location and adjust accordingly. Many people who are excited to attract bluebirds to their how to block my sim make the mistake of placing how far apart to place bluebird houses houses too close together.

According to the North American Bluebird Society, to attract multiple pairs of bluebirds to your property, you should space out your nest boxes the following distances based on their species:. Note : In areas where two species of bluebirds overlap, opt for the larger distance of space between nest boxes.

While most experts recommend mounting bluebird houses on poles, it is possible to attract bluebirds by hanging nest boxes from trees. This seems like common sense, since natural cavities, like woodpecker holes, would be sturdy and would not sway from side-to-side. However, bluebird landlords in California have found success with hanging nest boxes from trees.

For example, Vicki Butler oversees a bluebird trail of 18 nest boxes spread across two different golf courses in Sacramento, California. Her bluebird houses are topped with large hooks and hung from tree branches that are anywhere from feet high source. Butler fledged 81 bluebirds from 18 nest boxes in alone!

So, yes, you can hang bluebird nest boxes from trees. However, you may only want to do this in areas where you are worried about vandalism to your nest boxes, like at public golf courses. For the average person monitoring a nest box in their back yard, it makes more sense to mount nest boxes on a metal pole. To summarize the main point of this article: the best place to mount a bluebird house is in a sunny, open area where there is plenty of short grass for bluebirds to hunt for insects.

Beyond that, following the tips mentioned above should help you make the best decision possible. Then, click here to check out my Recommended Tools page to see the bluebird houses, bird feeders, and other tools that I use and recommend.

It seems that every year, more and more people want to attract bluebirds to their yard. This makes sense, since bluebirds are some of the most beautiful and attractive backyard songbirds in North With a population of just around 4. For a comparison, the more common Eastern Bluebird has a total population Skip to content. Continue Reading.

Blue Bird House Location

It is important to place your bluebird house at least feet away from brushy or heavily-wooded areas to avoid competition with house wrens. That’s the distance that the North American Bluebird Society recommends to avoid having territory issues with this species (source). Bluebird houses should be mounted at a height of from 5 LOCATION to 7 feet, measured from the ground to the floor of the Selecting a suitable location for the bluebird house is of house. They should be set out by February utmost importance. Unfortunately, bluebirds rarely nest in cities, large towns, or close-in suburban areas. Mar 13,  · Mama Bluebird won’t want her babies to get cold and wet. Mount the house between 4 and 6 feet high to make it harder for predators to get in, but at eye level for you to see in and check on the birds’ progress. If you have multiple houses, place them feet apart.

Bluebirds prefer their nests facing — in order of preference — east, north, south and west, though they may choose a house that faces a different direction. Some bluebirds may even begin nest building in the birdhouse and abandon it later if it is not suitable, even to go as far as leaving their eggs.

When setting up a bluebird nesting box, several factors require careful consideration for a happy bluebird home. For bluebirds, the question of direction does not always refer to compass bearing, but rather the orientation the house opening faces to afford safety, comfort and convenience after the bluebird pair mates. If placed along a road or highway, the bluebird house should open parallel to, or away from the road so the birds will not be hit entering or leaving their nests.

Ideally, the nest box's opening should face toward trees or shrubs within feet so young bluebirds have a place of safety for their first flight. Situate the nesting box to face an open area that allows access to trees and low vegetation. This makes it easy to catch and feed the hungry brood insects after hatching. After setting up nest boxes, monitor them to help improve nest survival, as well as to identify any issues that may arise to correct them.

To help attract bluebirds to nesting boxes, set up a food station that includes mealworms. This also helps the female by having food close by while she incubates the eggs. Regardless of compass orientation, bluebirds prefer nesting boxes with openings facing away from prevailing winds that might blow rain into the house, as well as away from midday to afternoon sun that overheats the inside.

Bluebirds will initially choose a house regardless of the direction it faces. If it is positioned incorrectly and later becomes unsatisfactory for them to live in, they may leave the house and abandon their eggs.

Bluebirds prefer a box with a small round opening closer to the top, with the body of the box available for a protected nest. Leave about 6 inches of box beneath the oval opening, with the front of the box about 9 inches tall and the back about 13 inches tall, creating a slanted roof or flat roof as desired.

The entire nesting box can be constructed from a one-by-six inch board roughly 5-feet long. Set the nesting box height based on the bluebird breed from 3 to 6 feet above the ground. Copyright Leaf Group Ltd.

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